March 2020


I hope that all of you out there are staying safe and healthy during this crazy time!


Upcoming conventions have been cancelled, and my home studio Art Realm in Austin is temporarily closed due to county-wide ordinance, but in the meantime I have original oil paintings available for sale on nbaxter.com as well as recent merch like t-shirts, prints, and ebooks available as well. contact me for details on any of those things, or visit www.artrealmtattoo.com/store to buy my ebooks.


I just added a few recently finished sleeve projects to the tattoo gallery, and my painting website nbaxter.com has also been updated, with a bunch of recent landscape paintings.


And still feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss your next tattoo project! W ecan look at booking in the coming months, when all of the precautions have eased and businesses like my studio are allowed to resume normal operations.


In October I'll hopefully still be headed to the Chicago area for Guy Aitchison's first ever convention, the Rock River Tattoo Art Expo, where I'll be tattooing and teaching. Stay tuned for more details on that in the coming months.












































I may also be making some other convention trips this year, and as always they will be announced here and on my Instagram page @burningxhope . So stay tuned or get in touch if you want to book something!


Thanks so much for the continued interest and support, it is truly appreciated! And please take care fo yourselves and others during this difficult time!



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November 2019







































Gallery opening at Art Realm Tattoo
November 9th
6 - 10pm

"Art Hive 2" is the second edition of a massive group art show and client appreciation party at my studio in Austin TX. Over 70 tattoo artists from around the country and Austin will be showcasing their art on 11-inch hexagon shaped panels. This honeycomb pattern of art will completely take over our gallery space and is an amazing opportunity to see a wide variety of art from within the tattoo community, as well as pick up some reasonably priced art, as most works will be for sale. If you're in the area this Saturday, Nov 9th, stop by Art Realm Tattoo for some drinks, refreshments and art.















































Just posted to the web store at artrealmtattoo.com is a brand new print release of a recent painting of mine, "Sunbather". This 18x24 edition on thick watercolor paper is limited to only 10 copies, signed and numbered, and about half of them are left.


Remember to follow me on instagram ( @burningxhope ) to see posts about the prints and all other current and ongoing projects in all mediums.

Thanks as always for reading and for following my art. I'm truly grateful for all the support!

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September 2019














It's been a busy year so far, and the next big thing on the schedule is the Richmond Tattoo Arts and Music Festival, September 13-15. I'll be tattooing there all weekend, and still have appointments available, so get in touch if you'd like to book time with me.


I'll also have some exclusive merch available at the show, and will be teaching at the annual seminar day on Thursday along with some other amazing tattooers.





























A few weeks after that I'll be presenting my "Holistic Approach" tattooing seminar at the 2nd annual Texas Tattoo Educational in San Antonio. This event will be 2 days of learning from a handful of acclaimed tattooers from Texas and elsewhere. Get more info and purchase teickets here.

































I recently sold out of my limited edition painting book "Blood Rituals: Volume 1", but it is now available in digital format as an ebook, for a fraction of the cost. So if you missed out on a physical copy, or want to back up your physical copy and be able to take it anywhere, head over here and purchase an ebook version.


Oh, and Blood Rituals: Volume 2 will be in the works next year, so stay tuned!


And as always, you can see all of the paintings on my fine art website www.nbaxter.com. Some originals are still available for purchase.


Have a great summer!

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January 2019


Happy New Year! 2018 was a really busy year for me, and this next one is shaping up the same way. Read below for the first few announcements of 2019.


This month at Davis gallery in my home city of Austin TX, I’ll be showing several recent paintings and a few older ones from my long running Blood Rituals series. If you’re in the area swing by the gallery to see them, along with some amazing paintings by several local artists.



This month is the release of my instructional video series produced by Jake at Fireside Tattoo Network and podcast. He and his crew filmed me completing an alla prima still life painting using classical realism techniques, and explaining in great detail my every move and decision throughout the course of painting. This has become an 11 video series that you can purchase now, and will be released with a special price for a limited time only! Buy it here.


































My first travel appearance of the new year will be in late March at the first ever Hudson Valley Tattoo Festival in upstate NY. I will be there tattooing all weekend and selling merch, so please contact me for tattoo inquiries or stop by the booth to pick up one of my books or other merch. Check out their website or social media for more information.





























Soon after that I'll be attending the second annual Tattoo The Lou convention in St. Louis, where I’ll be teaching a still life painting workshop and tattooing all weekend. Check out their website or social media for more information.



































Immediately following the convention, and also in St. Louis, is the Explorer Tattoo Conference, another exciting learning opportunity where I’ll be presenting a tattooing seminar along with some other talented tattooers. Visit the Explorer Tattoo website for information and ticket purchase.





















As always, you can see regular updates on all my artistic pursuits on my Instagram page, and see more of my painting over at www.nbaxter.com. Any prints, books, or other merch I have for sale are always listed in my tattoo studio’s webstore at www.artrealmtattoo.com/store.


To close, here's a recent interview I did with VoyageDallas.com about my life, art, and tattooing. Check it out!


























Thanks for your interest and have a great 2019!

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September 2018


It's been a crazy busy summer, with a bit of schedule turmoil happening in the upcoming months. Due to that turmoil, some amazing new opportunities have presented themselves.
















The first of these opportunities is an upcoming guest spot with my friends at the beautiful Transformation Gallery in Springfield, Missouri September 19th - 21st. I have tattoo time available during these dates, so if you'd like to book something, please email me to discuss.





































Soon after that I will be attending the Evian Tattoo Show in the French Alps October 19th - 21st, for the first time in several years. It appears as though I will be booked for this event, due to existing clientele from my previous trips to Europe, but I will be selling both of my painting books: the newer Blood Rituals Volume I, and a few top secret very last copies of my older hardcover volume Sharp Focus Realism In Oil. So please stop by the booth and check out this limited edition merch I'll have for sale, say hello, and pick up some free stickers.


































After returning to my hometown of Austin, I'll have some recent landscape paintings displayed in a group show at local stalwart Davis Gallery. Check out their website or social media for details on that show which opens Oct 27th, or contact me for more information.











After that, in early November, will be a group gallery show at my own studio and gallery space in Austin, Art Realm Tattoo. Check our website or Instagram account for forthcoming announcements and details.


Meanwhile, this month I'll have a recent still life painting in a group show at Black Moth Gallery in Pennsylvania. Here is a portion of it featured on the art opening flyer. If you're in that area of the world, stop by Black Moth to see what looks to be a very interesting show, and please direct all sales inquiries to the gallery.





















As always, check out my Instagram profile for works in progress and more frequent posts, as well as my tattoo gallery here for a few new completed projects added over the past few months. And if you'd like to discuss booking a tattoo appointment, you can always email me through the contact button on the left!



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July 2017


It's been a busy year so far! I just posted a recently completed full back tattoo and some other new pieces, which are posted to the tattoo gallery, so click on the "skin" button and check them out!




My new limited edition fine art book "Blood Rituals Volume 1" is still available for purchase at tmy home studio Art Realm Tattoo and online through the Art Realm webstore . See some behind the scenes promo videos about the project on my YouTube channel (and subscribe to keep seeing all the art, tattoo, and art education related content I post!).


































Coming up very soon is the 3rd annual Tahoe Tattoo Show July 20-22 in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, which I'm currenlty booking tattoo appointments for. So if you want to get tattooed there, please email me through the contact button to discuss booking.
























I'll also be offering my first ever plein air painting seminar one morning while in Tahoe, which is a nature lover's paradise. Every year I make some time for landscape painting, and this year aspiring landscape painters and realism artists will have the opportunity to learn the basics of painting on location, in nature. If you're interested in taking the class, please contact me for more information.


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January 2017


Happy New Year everyone, best wishes to all of you during this next trip around the sun. This year has started out great with a grand re-opening party at my new home base studio in Austin, Art Realm Tattoo. This is where you can now find me tattooing while at home, along with my friends whom I previously shared a studio with, James Hall and Justin Vickers. We teamed up with the existing Art Realm crew to expand and revamp the space, and try to push all of our artistry to new heights. Head over to the newly updated Art Realm website to check us out!










www.artrealmtattoo.com has the convenience of a fully streamlined webstore where you can now easily purchase my painting ebook, limited edition prints, and some brand new t-shirts we designed for the studio. The ebook text link on the left side of this website will now bring you directly to that webstore, for convenient purchasing.






























As for what's new here, I've added a few recently completed tattoos to the "skin" gallery over the last month, featuring fully healed shots which showcase the true quality of the work.

Coming up in March I'll be making my first travel appearance of the year, at the Evergreen Invitational in Eugene, Oregon. This will be my first time ever attending this great show, and my books are open for tattooing the entire weekend, for both new and existing clients. Email me through the contact link on the left to inquire about booking.
































Thanks as always for looking, and for your support!

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December 2017































December marks a new chapter in my tattoo career, as I team up with two friends and fellow tattooers James Hall and Andrew Matela to expand and revamp Art Realm Tattoo & Gallery in Austin TX, the city I've called home for the past 8 years. We're currently embarking on some renovations and a new gallery space inside our expanded studio, and will be having a grand opening to celebrate in the new space early next year.


We're also putting the finishing touches on a revamped website that has all the details and info on the studio you'll need to know. So head over to www.artrealmtattoo.com, where you can contact me with tattoo inquiries through my artist page, in addition to always being able to contact me here, of course. The Art Realm site also has a revamped store page where I have some prints and my painting ebook for sale.


As far as tattooing goes, I've also recently added a few brand new large tattoo projects to the "skin" gallery here, with all healed shots. Thanks as always to my strong willed and generous clients who allow me to create these large scale tattoo projects for them! 






























As mentioned above I have two prints still available from my recent painting series Blood Rituals, which are extremely limited runs of only 5 prints each and are the usual quality work of my longtime printer Southern Cross Press. Contact me for mailorder details, or head to the new store on the Art Realm website for easy online ordering!






























And lastly, I still have a recent painting on display in the Ohio Bio II art show at Red Tree Tattoo in Columbus, Ohio. It's on view and for sale through the end of the year, so if you're in that area definitely check out the amazing show, and if you'd like to purchase my painting but can't do it in person, contact me or the Ohio Bio instagram page for details!


Stay tuned for more announcements about 2018 travel apearances and booking opportunities coming soon...

Happy Holidays!

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October 2017


After a busy summer it's time to regroup and get ready for some fall plans. In November I'll have a painting in the Ohio Bio art show hosted by Nathan Marti at Red Tree Gallery in Columbus, Ohio. I won't be able to attend the opening party, but if you're in that area check it out, it'll be a great time with a lot of awesome tattoo artists hanging out and looking at awesome art!
















I'll also be showing artwork in Austin in November, as part of the East Austin Studio Tour, an annual event showcasing all of the creative energy in happening East Austin. This year I'll be hosting an exhibit of my entire Blood Rituals painting series completed earlier this year, and will have tons of other recent paintings on display, as will my studio coworkers James Hall and Justin Vickers. All original paintings will be for sale and I'll also have some ultra limited edition prints available of 2 of my favorite paintings from the Blood Rituals series. If you're in the Austin area, come check out the studios on the tour and see all of my recent creations!






















































I've also recently added 2 new large tattoo projects to the "skin" gallery, with a few more to come in the next month. Thanks as always to my strong willed and generous clients who allow me to create these large scale tattoo projects for them! 


If you're interested in starting your next tattoo project, or have the itch for a smaller collector's tattoo, I still have some openings before the end of the year, so get in touch to discuss and learn more details.



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July 2017


This summer has shaped up to be quite a busy one, which means I have a bunch of cool events and projects to announce.


Firstly, a few new tattoos have been added to the "skin" gallery recently, notably an epic full torso collaboration between Jeff Ensminger and I that spanned several years and 2 continents.


In 2 weeks my home studio here in Austin TX will host a group show featuring the art of local tattooers, called "Lucky Sevens". All Austin area tattooers were invited to submit an image of their choosing on identical 7 by 7 inch boards, in hopes that the final collection will be an impressive gridlike array of all the tattoo talent and creativity currently calling Austin home. If you live in this area, come see the show and hang out with us at our opening reception party Saturday, July 15th, 7-11pm at Shaman Tattoo on East Cesar Chavez.







































At the end of this month I'm headed to Memphis TN to teach a one-day still life painting workshop, hosted by Jake Meeks of the Tattoo Improvement Network. Visit his website to sign up and get more details on the class as well as the fun landscape painting outing we are planning for the day after.







In August I'll be going back to Nevada for the second Tahoe Tattoo Show, which will be a fun weekend of tattooing the 18th-20th. My tattoo time is almost full for that, but I'll also be selling some merch, original art, and have the usual assortment of free stickers and stuff available at the booth. Come say hello!
















September 1st will be the unveiling of "Devoid", a 2-man show with friend and colleague Evan Lovett highlighting the interplay of nature and abandoned urban spaces. These all-new paintings will be on display at Arch Enemy Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Stay tuned for more details as September draws near!


































And later in September I'll be teaching my approach to tattoo theory as well as hosting a life drawing workshop at the first ever Impact Project for Tattooers in North Carolina, a comprehensive 4-day learning event that I've been helping creator Melissa Ferranto with for a few months. She has really pulled out all the stops for this immersive event, and I'm excited to be contributing the knowledge and expertise I've gained from nearly 20 years in the tattoo industry, to the career-focused content that she has put together. No matter what stage you are in your tattoo career, you will learn something at this event, and I'll be presenting all new material on tattoo strategy, so check it out and sign up at www.impactfortattooers.com



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May 2017


Last Month I released 3 limited edition prints from my recent "Blood Rituals" series, and I still have 2 of the 3 images available. These prints were released in an edition of only 5 each, and will likely never be reprinted in this format. You can grab one of the few remaining through mailorder right now, just send me an email for ordering details!




































I will be teaching my one-day still life painting workshop in Memphis TN this summer, hosted by Jake Meeks who is doing great educational work for the tattoo industry with his Tattoo Improvement Network. This all-day event will guide students through the classical method of working directly from life, honing our observational abilities, drawing skills, and painting fundamentals such as color matching. And as a bonus for anyone taking the class, I'll be leading an informal landscape painting session the following day in a location TBD near Memphis. You can get more information and sign up here.































In other news, I've recently updated my fine art website www.nbaxter.com with four new hyperrealist paintings inspired by my recent Blood Rituals series. So head there if you get a chance, to see what I've been working on for most of 2016 and into this year, too. These 4 new paintings are available, as well as most of the paintings from the original Blood Rituals series. Please email with any purchase inquiries.


I've also had the good fortune of finishing 2 full sleeves on some amazing tattoo clients recently, and both of those projects have been posted to the tattoo gallery.


And lastly, throughout most of April I was not receiving new emails sent through the contact button on this website. If you sent me an email anywhere from late March to late April and didn't receive either a personal reply or auto-response, please try again as all is fixed now!

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February/March 2017


Belated Happy New Year, everyone. For my first site update of 2017, I photographed a large floral tattoo I finished at the end of last year, and it is now in my tattoo gallery.


I also updated my F.A.Q. section, found in the "Thought" page in the list to your left, with three new articles about my tattooing, for all potential new clients or those merely curious about my approach to tattoo theory. You can read those here, here, and here.




















I also added a link to my new YouTube channel to the lower left corner of the website. This channel features all the useful and worthwhile free educational lectures and interviews I've done over the years, as well as my recent forays into short art films. I hope to keep adding great content to this channel, and if I reach 100 subscribers I will be able to change its URL to a shortened custom name, per YouTube rules.





















Also in that lower left corner is a button linking to my fine art focused website www.nbaxter.com where all the paintings from my recent exhibit Blood Rituals have been uploaded. So head there if you get a chance, to see what I worked on for most of 2016 and even continuing into this year, too. Many of the paintings are still available, and you can email me with any purchase inquiries.




























Speaking of painting, in just a few weeks I will be offering a comprehensive 4-day classical realism painting workshop in Austin, Texas at a local tattoo studio, Art Realm Tattoo. In this class I'll be guiding students start to finish through a still-life painting executed from life (not photo reference). The class size will be kept very small so that each student can receive lots of personalized instruction. It's very reasonably priced at $400 for 4 days, so if you want to escape the SXSW music festival craziness around Austin March 12-15 (or partake in it each night after class), email me for the class syllabus and for setting up payment.





Another class I taught recently is now available for on-demand viewing purchase through TattooNow. This two-hour seminar with Jeff Gogue, all about the development of seminars by and for tattooers, was given for the first time at last year's Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Massachusetts, and was recorded for future webinar sales. That product is now available. So if you're a tattooer who's been thinking about developing a seminar of your own to teach your skills and knowledge to others, and need some advice in getting started with that project, this webinar will be a very helpful jumpstart to your process. You can buy it here.



























In a few more months the return of the Hell City Tattoo Festival hits Columbus Ohio, and I will be there tattooing and selling merchandise. Contact me for possible tattoo bookings or stop by my booth to pick up some free stickers, reading material, or to buy a giclee print, which I hope to have made in time for the show. Should be a riotously fun time as usual!


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November 2016


Well, the Paradise Tattoo Gathering was an amazingly inspriational and enriching weekend, as usual--and quite relaxing as far as conventions go. Thanks to everyone who attended my seminars, bought merch, got tattooed, or stopped by the booth.






































Now that it's over, I can focus squarely on the final preparations for my upcoming solo show of all new paintings at Sacred Gallery in NYC. This body of new work will debut alongside an exhibit of new paintings by fellow tattooer and painter Jon Clue. For tons of progress shots and sneak-peaks, check out my instagram page @burningxhope, as well as my art blog on my painting website www.nbaxter.com, whereI've recently uploaded some cool promo videos to set the vibe for the art you'll see at the show.  Hope to see some of you at the opening Saturday, November 12th at 8pm!




















































Also happening in NYC concurrently is the annual 13th Hour group show at Last Rites Gallery, where I'll have one of my recent surgical paintings on display and for sale. So if you're in the area, check that show out as well, which opens tonight, October 29th, and runs for the next few weeks only!
































If you can't make it to Sacred Gallery to see my new paintings in person, stay tuned to my painting site www.nbaxter.com for the online unveiling of the entire series in a few weeks. All purchase inquiries on those paintings can be directed to me, by emailing me through that website.

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October 2016


This month and next are shaping up to be busy, with some exciting events happening. In chronological order, here they are:






































First there's a fantastic group art show happening at Art Realm Tattoo here in Austin, Texas. For this exhibition, every tattoo artist invited was given an identical hexagon canvas to adorn however they wish. The final display will be an entire gallery wall of interlocking hexagons in a huge honeycomb pattern.  If you're in the area stop by for the opening party on Saturday, October 15th.






































Two weeks after that the Paradise Tattoo Gathering returns to the mountains of Western Massachussetts for 4 days of world class tattooing and education.  This has always been an inspiring event in a beautiful autumn locale, and any tattooers who are able to make it out there are in store for a great time and a valuable learning opportunity.  This year I'll be tattooing in between 2 different seminars, and sign-ups are currently open for both of those on the gathering website, where you can see detailed descriptions of each.






















A few weeks after that, I'll be back in New England to unveil a large series of all new paintings in an exhibition at Sacred Gallery in Manhattan. So save the date of November 12th, and if you can't make it to the opening reception, stay tuned early next month for an announcement about the online preview of all the paintings here and on my fine art website.  And for tons of progress shots and sneak-peeks check out my Instagram page @burningxhope


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July 2016


I've recently returned home from beautiful Lake Tahoe where I worked at the first ever Tahoe Tattoo Show. Thanks to my wonderful clients and awesome friends I spent time with there, it was a fun experience. Check out my Instagram page to see recent posts of the tattoos and paintings I worked on there.











































This month I turn my focus towards the Emerald Isle Tattoo Session, a learning event in Dublin Ireland where I'll be teaching my Holistic Approach tattooing seminar, and then afterwards spending a few days in the green countryside making some landscape paintings. This continuing education event for tattooers to learn, be inspired and re-invigorated towards their craft is hosted by TattooNow, and more information can be found here.










































Although I will not be in attendance, the Empire State Tattoo Expo is once again hosting an art exhibit by Last Rites Gallery called "Flesh to Canvas", where I will have my recent painting "The Offering" on display and for sale through the gallery. Every year this show features non-tattoo fine artworks by many of the top tattooers in the world. Contact the gallery for purchasing and show details.














I also was recently featured on the informative and entertaining Tattoo Improvement Network podcast, hosted by the always affable Jake Meeks. He interviewed me at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering in Italy this past April, and we got into some pretty useful tips and advice for young tattooers and aspiring painters, as well as discussed some details regarding my upcoming exhibit of 10 new paintings at Sacred Gallery NYC this fall. If you're interested in tattoos, painting, and art learning check out the podcast here or here, or watch it below.





In late August I'll have a recent still life painting included in the 11th Annual International Juried Exhibition of the International Guild Of Realism, which will exhibit this year at Gallery 1261 in Denver Colorado. This yearly show features some of the finest realism artists in the world and I'm honored to be included. You can see the painting I'll have featured here, on my fine art website.










Stay tuned for more announcements about my upcoming gallery exhibit and autumn travel appearances! I also still have artwork showing in Austin as part of a great exhibit at local Art For The People Gallery as well as some other summer group shows around the country. see my last site update ("view more" button below) for details. Have a great summer everyone!

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June 2016


[Edited 6/14/16]

By now anyone reading this is probably aware of the tragedy in Orlando, a presumed hate crime against members of the LGBT community. In solidarity with those affected I wanted to post a few links where you can donate to relief and support efforts if you feel compelled. Donate here and here. I've also written an essay attempting to organize my thoughts about LGBT issues and how they intersect--or often don't--with the tattoo industry and those of us who are tattooers. You can read that here.















Thanks to all the nice people I met and tattooed recently at the Venetian Tattoo Gathering, which was an amazing event hosted by TattooNow. You can see some photos of what I worked on there on my Instagram page @burningxhope. And thanks to my old friend Luca Natalini for hosting me afterwards for some great plein air painting sessions.


















Later this month I'll be tattooing at the first ever Tahoe Tattoo Show, and I still have some time available. Get in touch if you're interested in something that can be accomplished at the show, or stop by my booth over the weekend to inquire or to pick up some of the usual merch and free stickers.  I'll have a few tiny (affordable!) original landscape paintings for sale, and am quite exited to do some more landscape painting during my stay in that beautiful alpine region.


































While that is happening, I'll have several recent paintings featured in a group show at Art For The People, a local gallery in my current hometown of Austin. Sadly I will miss the opening reception due to my Tahoe trip, but it will surely be a fun show, featuring a few local tattooers and street artists, and I am honored to be included. Click the image or go here for more information.










































On the East coast, I'll have one recent painting hanging in the 2016 Peto Biennal exhibition of classical still life and Trompe L'oeil painting. This exhibit is an incredible display of painting accomplishment by some of the best academic painters in the country, and I'm honored and grateful to have been selected by their jury. Click the image or go here for more information.















And in Europe, I'll have several recent still life paintings hanging in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, as part of the Tattoo Forever exhibition highlighting the work of modern tattooers who are bridging the gap betweenfine art and the ancient craft of body art. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it back to Italy to check out the exhibit (after being there just last month), but I am incredibly honored to be a part of it.  Get more information here, and be on the lookout for exhibition catalogues which will be published and for sale soon from the museum.


More announcements and travels coming next month, so stay tuned here or on my fine art dedicated site www.nbaxter.com. Thanks as always for your interest and support.

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April 2016


I've just posted photos of two newly completed large tattoos, fully healed, to the Skin gallery, so check them out and enjoy. Thanks again to my dedicated and tough tattoo clients!


My first convention of the year is the much anticipated Venetian Tattoo Gathering, which is fast approaching. I'll be tattooing all weekend, taking the opportunity to catch up with several European tattoo clients with in-progress work, but I'll also have various merchandise like prints and recent small paintings for sale at my booth. So if you plan to be there, stop by to say hello and see what's available.





























My recent painting "Prayers" will have a limited print release by Mindzai Creative as part of their Indiegogo campaign to renovate their gallery space in the heart of Austin TX. I showed my heart series "Perception of Being" there in 2014 and it was a very successful show; they were professional and fair throughout the process, but in order to offer these opportunities to more artists they need to revamp their space. Check out their campaign here and get yourself a print by me or some of the other amazing artists donating efforts to the fundraiser.





















Other fun projects are in the works for later this year, including a collaborative tattoo and video with Guy Aitchison for a gallery exhibit in NYC, as well as another exhibit of paintings from my newest series, currently still in progress. I've been posting photos and videos from these projects on my Instagram feed, so head there for more frequent updates and teasers of anything that's in the works. You can also check out just the fine art side of what I do at my other website www.nbaxter.com , and of course stay tuned here for major announcements.


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January 2016


Another year in the books, my 16th year of tattooing and working in the tattoo world. Thanks to all the dedicated and trusting clients, seminar students, and fine art collectors who have supported my creative mission this year. I couldn't do any of this without you.

I have some exciting things planned for 2016, the first of which is a one-day painting workshop in January. This class will teach the fundamental skills invovled in drawing and painting directly from life, and although it quickly sold out after being announced on Instagram, I plan to offer more workshops over the coming year, so stay tuned to my Instagram account @burningxhope and this website for announcements.




















In February I'll be traveling to Hyperspace Studios to complete a rare collaborative tattoo with the one and only Guy Aitchison, for an upcoming gallery exhibit in NYC on collaborative process. Stay tuned for more details about that in the coming months.

























Soon after that I'll be in Europe tattooing at the first ever Venetian Tattoo Gathering. Most appointment spots are already claimed as I attempt to serve my loyal in-progress clients, but feel free to email me as April draws closer and I'll let you know if I have any time available.






























Lastly for now, my painting-focused website www.nbaxter.com has just been updated with most of my paintings from 2015, with more to be added soon. Anything that is still for sale is marked as "available" and you can email me to inquire about those if you're interested in purchasing something for your fine art collection.





















Check back soon for more updates about spring and summer plans and projects. May we all have a happy and healthy year to come.

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October/November 2015


I haven't had a chance to make any updates to the site lately, which regrettably included not promoting the recent Worldwide Tattoo Conference in advance of its Portland, Oregon debut last week. But a huge thank you to everyone invovled in making it a great success, especially the wonderful attendees who hopefully soaked up tons of new info and ideas to take forward into their art and tattoo making. This has been an annual event for several years running, so be on the lookout for the next one, and if I happen to be teaching at it, I'll be sure to announce it here.



At the end of the summer I had the pleasure of being featured on the tattoo themed webcast Off The Map Live! hosted by Ben Licata. It was a great interview, covering a range of topics related to artmaking and tattooing, and the good people at TattooNow have since produced a YouTube video of it, with tons of great visuals. It's over an hour long (lots of great content!), so if you have some time, you can watch the entire thing here or by simply clicking on the embedded video below.



That's all for now, but hopefully I'll have some announcements about 2016 to make as the new year approaches. In the meantime you can always check out my painting-focused website www.nbaxter.com to see some more stuff or read my art blog, and my instagram account @burningxhope for near-daily snippets of whatever I'm working on.

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August 2015


New limited edition print release! I just had my buddy Jeff Ensminger who owns and operates Southern Cross Press print up some gorgeous giclees of my recent popular painting "Hand Of God II". This super limited run of only 5 signed and numbered copies was printed on archival matte watercolor paper and sized to fit an 18 x 24 inch frame. Due to the small edition size and larger format, these prints are priced at $200 each, plus $20 for mailing tube and shipping. As with all my prints, once these are sold they are gone forever, and are the closest thing to owning the original painting you can get, but for a fraction of the cost. To order one, please email me through the contact button on this website, and I will give you the PayPal details.




























Speaking of prints, I realized when preparing these new ones that I still have a few of my last batch of prints and posters left. These giclee prints on archival watercolor paper are $80 each plus $10 shipping, and were limited to an edition of 10. The posters were limited to 100 copies, and are priced at $20. Email me for info on those as well.






























This past year I had the pleasure of working on a really fun and unique collaborative sleeve with one of my favorite tattooers Juan Salgado on our mutual friend and talented artist Melissa Fusco. I finally got some healed shots of the sleeve and a more detailed explanation of the process posted in my skin gallery lately, along with a few other recent projects that were posted there last month.


This past April's Paradise Artist Retreat was a great success and as usual, a fantastic time full of learning and creativity. At this year's event I gave a short seminar for the first time about how to critique works of art for artistic learning and growth. This lecture and slide presentation was recorded by the TattooNow production crew and released on YouTube for anyone to view for free. And the written text that formed the basis for the lecture has been available in several languages for free download in my Thought section for a few years now. So if you're an artist or tattooer looking for some artistic guidance, please take advantage of these free resources, and look out for further adaptations of this project in the future!



Lastly, I'd like to let all you tattooers out there know about a really helpful new website founded by my friend Tim O'Connor, focusing on the health aspect of tattooing. Tattooers Longevity is a project putting forth a very generous wealth of information on fitness and lifestyle practices we tattooers can implement to stay healthy and pain-free. The mental and physical tolls of this awesome profession can lead to serious issues if we are not careful (just look at what happened to legendary dotwork tattooer Xed LeHed), and Tim's mission is to educate those in need so that we can all continue to do what we love. Visit the website to see some exercise videos, and look out for an article on meditation that I'll be contributing to the website in the near future.


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July 2015


It's been a while since I've had a chance to update the site, but lots of good things are happening. Firstly, I've got some newly finished tattoos posted to the Skin gallery, featuring fully healed shots so you can see how the tattoos really look once they're finished. Thanks to all my dedicated clients for completing their large projects and catching up with me afterwards for the healed photo session.


In the fine art realm, I've been working hard recently on some new paintings that I'll hopefully get the chance to exhibit next year. In the meantime, I'll have a recent painting for sale in Last Rites Gallery's annual Flesh To Canvas group show, being exhibited at the Empire State Tattoo Expo in NYC July 10-12. I will not be attending the convention, but if you're interested in seeing the painting (posted here on my fine art website) or purchasing it, please contact the gallery or stop by the exhibit at the expo. For more regular art updates and progress photos of what I've been working on, check out my Instagram feed @burningxhope as well as my blog over at my fine art only website www.nbaxter.com.






































This past April's Paradise Artist Retreat was a great success and as usual, a fantastic time full of learning and creativity. At this year's event I gave a short seminar for the first time about how to critique works of art for artistic learning and growth. This lecture and slide presentation was recorded by the TattooNow production crew and released on YouTube for anyone to view for free. And the written text that formed the basis for the lecture has been available in several languages for free download in my Thought section for a few years now. So if you're an artist or tattooer looking for some artistic guidance, please take advantage of these free resources, and look out for further adaptations of this project in the future!




I'm always looking to spread awareness about projects that align with my personal ethics and visions for a more progressive tattoo culture and society. After talking with my friend Benjamin Shaw about his positive efforts with the Guild of Ethical Tattooists in New Mexico, I learned that they will be playing a crucial role in one of their local tattoo shows. Due to their recent success with the state legislature to improve the licensing and inspection laws in New Mexico, the Guild will be doing the actual health inspections at the show. At first glance that may not seem like a big deal, but what this means is that, for perhaps the first time ever, actual professional, working tattoo artists will be self-regulating their own convention, instead of government employees who don't care about our profession and know little about the daily practices, equipment, and health hazards of giving and getting tattoos. In my personal experience, the most important objective of these government organizations is to collect money for temporary tattooing licenses at the event, with no oversight of how safe and clean the artists are being throughout the show; i.e. as soon as they get paid and leave, anything goes. In contrast, the Duke City Tattoo Fiesta will be run and inspected by real working tattooers who care about tattooing, having pledged through their guild to uphold high standards because their own reputations and respect of their peers are on the line. I think this is a great step forward for the respectability and sovereignty of our craft and profession--a vision for how we can handle our own affairs--and I'm happy to promote these efforts even though I will not be attending the show this year. If you're in the Albuquerque area, stop by the convention and if you want to learn more about the political side of their efforts, contact Ben here.


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March 2015


I've recently had the chance to finish and photograph some larger tattoos, and a few small ones too, all of which have been added to the "skin" gallery over the past month. CHeck them out to see what I've been up to lately. And thanks to my awesome clients for sitting so well, and for following up with me for healed photos,  which are necessary to show the true quality of any tattoo work.
































For all you tattooers out there, you can read about some of the advanced layering techniques I use in most of  my large tattoo work by checking out my tutorial in the latest issue of Tattoo Master, featuring guest editor and friend of mine Dan Henk. This is a high quality publication full of really useful information for trade professionals, and I'm honored to be included in their impressive array of instructional articles.



























At the end of this month is the Paradise Artist Retreat, at the beautiful and inspiring Tamaya resort in the enchanted land of New Mexico. Every year this event happens I can't help but try to convince everyone to come out for it by writing here about how inspiring and rejuvenating it feels to spend 4 days of intensive art learning and creating in a secluded locale, amongst the good company of my tattooing and painting peers. I look forward to it again this year, and as usual I will be teaching my seminar about sharp-focus realism oil painting techniques.
































Next up after that is the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio which is always one of the best conventions in the U.S. I'll be there tattooing and selling prints, paintings, and merchandise, so come find the booth I'll be sharing with my good friends Adrian Dominic and Melissa Fusco.

















In other news, my anarchist friends and comrades in the CrimethInc. collective have recently launched an ambitious new educational and inspirational project called "To Change Everything." Their beautiful treatise and short video focusing on what can be done to improve our own and everyone's lives can be read and watched for free on their website, and bulk quantities of the gorgeously color printed pamphlet can be ordered for distribution in your area. Currently they have a need for volunteers who do work around and across the Mexican border to deliver bulk Spanish copies to Mexican comrades. If you think you can help with that specific task, please contact them through the forms on their website. To change everything...start anywhere.


And lastly, I still have prints, shirts, posters, and a few original paintings left from my recent series and gallery show "Perception of Being." Check out my last few site updates for more info by clicking the 'view more' link below. Or go to my painting only site www.nbaxter.com.

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New Years 2015


Thank you once again to all the generous people who've supported my art this past year, and recently after my Perception of Being art show with Jeff Ensminger. I've sold many original paintings from the show as well as many prints and posters, but some of all 3 of those things are still available, so contact me here or through my other website if you're interested. You can also scroll down to the "view more" button at the bottom of this page to read my last site update for more information on the specifics of those prints and posters.





































In addition to those products I now have t-shirts for sale through the cool folks at Mindzai Creative in Austin, Texas. Simply go to their website and search their apparel line for my shirt design, or click here to go directly there. If you want to buy one from me in person, I'll have limited numbers for sale at any upcoming conventions I'm working, and if you'd like to learn more about the origins of the design and what it means, check out my Instagram feed and search for the shirt design on there.






































Speaking of conventions, my next scheduled appearance is at the incredible Paradise Artist Retreat in March, at the beautiful and inspiring Tamaya resort in the enchanted land of New Mexico. Every year this event happens I can't help but try to convince everyone to come out for it by writing here about how inspiring and rejuvenating it feels to spend 4 days of intensive art learning and creating in a secluded locale, amongst the good company of my tattooing and painting peers. I look forward to it again this year, and as usual I will be teaching my seminar about sharp-focus realism oil painting techniques.







































I've enjoyed some great press lately too, with interviews for 2 magazines and as a featured guest on Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman's Hypercast webcast. If you missed the live interview that aired on 12/28, you can check out their Tattoo Television youtube channel for a posting of the episode (and other great ones). And as for the magazines, click on each of the cover photos below to see how you can buy or read each.



And lastly, now that 2015 is upon us, if you're into the macabre you can stay organized with your very own 2015 horror calendar, curated by tattooer Dan Henk. I'm featured as the September artist, and the rest of the calendar is a stellar lineup of dark art. You can order one online here, at a special sale price.



































Happy New Year everyone, and may we all enjoy a healthy and successful 2015.

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November 22, 2014


Last night was the opening reception at Mindzai Creative in Austin, TX for the new painting series I mentioned in my last site update, and so today I've posted all 20 pieces to the gallery on my painting and fine art website www.nbaxter.com.






























Several of the originals sold at the opening (thanks to those collectors!) and are marked accordingly in the image gallery, as are the ones still available (email to inquire on those).


Head over to www.nbaxter.com to check it all out, and read my artist statement on the blog there, or here.


If you're a fan of all 20 paintings and are on a budget, I have an 18 x 24 poster featuring the entire series, limited to an edition of 100. These are printed on standard semi-gloss poster paper, and are priced at $20.00 each, plus $10 domestic shipping to cover a mailing tube and postage. Email me through the contact link on the left if you'd like to order one.
































I've also printed archival giclees of 4 of my favorite pieces on thick watercolor paper at actual size (9 x 12 inches), limited to editions of only 10 each (signed and numbered). These are priced at $80.00 apiece, plus $10 domestic shipping to cover a mailing tube and postage. Email me to order.
































Email me for payment and shipping options on the posters and prints, and stay tuned for an announcement about more goodies for sale soon...

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November 2014


Lots happening this month! I'm about to leave for South America where I'll be tattooing and teaching a seminar at a convention in La Paz, Bolivia.









































Then after I return, the annual East Austin Studio Tour event kicks off, showcasing a vast array of creative activity in the up and coming neighborhood of East Austin. This year I'll be participating in the tour, showing many recent paintings as part of the Water Street Collective with a few friends of mine.


































After that wraps up, I'll be showcasing a brand new series of paintings in a split show with friend and fellow artist Jeff Ensminger at the warehouse and gallery space of Mindzai Creative in South Austin. Jeff and I will both be at the opening party on November 21st at 8pm, selling original paintings, giclee prints, posters, and doing live t-shirt screenprinting.





























In October I donated to the kickstarter campaign of The Da Vinci Initiative, which is a project recently started to improve art education in schools here in the U.S. This initiative offers resources like continuing education classes to K-12 school art teachers, to help improve the art curriculums that these teachers will offer to their young students. It's been an ongoing trend that arts education gets slashed from school budgets, seen as less important than subjects like math and science. Meanwhile, the problems we face in today's world grow only more complex and urgent, requiring new generations of well-rounded visionaries and creative thinkers. Arts education can play a vital role in this, and so I support these kinds of projects whenever I can, and encourage you to do the same! 


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October 2014


Just returned from the London Tattoo Convention and the "Time: Tattoo Art Today" exhibit at Somerset House. Many thanks to Miki and crew for a great convention and reception at the museum, and thanks to all the nice people I met and tattooed. The exhibition of paintings and artwork by tattooers closes for good on October 5th and I can assure any fans of tattoo culture and fine artwork that it is not to be missed if you find yourself in that part of the world! You can find a bit more info about the exhibit on a blog post I wrote for my other website.



















































Next up is a convention in La Paz, Bolivia in early November, and then later in Novemeber an exhibition of 20 new paintings in my current hometown of Austin, Texas alongside friend and fellow tattooing fine artist Jeff Ensminger. Stay tuned here or on my Instagram for announcements about that art show in the coming weeks.

















































This month I have a painting hanging in the annual "13th Hour" group exhibition at Paul Booth's Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Some of the other pieces I've seen for it are phenomenal, so if you're in the northeast, check it  out. Sadly, I wont be able to see the show in person.






























For all the tattooers out there, Jeff and I recently recorded a really fun and informative podcast for our friend and mutual client Jake Meeks who runs the Fireside Tats Blog (a pun on the saying "fireside chats"). We covered some great topics related to tattooing and art, so check it out if you have a free hour.



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September 2014


I'd like to remind everyone who's asked over the past year about the re-release of my instructional painting book Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil as a digital eBook. I wrote a bunch of new content for this edition, and priced it lower than the sold-out hardcover edition, which means that you basically now get more, for less. For now I've partnered with the great people at 2 companies I endorse to make this eBook available. You can now buy a copy over at the Stay True Organics website, or at the Tattoo Education website as well. All of the information on the book, including a great testimonial by a fellow tattooer/painter, can be found by clicking the new "PAINTING EBOOK" button to your left, or on the image below.




































In other news, I'll be attending the 10th anniversary of the London Tattoo Convention September 26-28, as well as the opening party of the "Time: Tattoo Art Today" exhibition curated by the promoter of the tattoo convention and hosted at the prestigious Somerset House Gallery. I'm extremely humbled and grateful to be included in such a momentous fine art exhibit, and looking forward to seeing the presentation of impressive works in person. As for the convention, it appears as though I'm all booked up over the weekend, but I'll have various merchandise available, including my painting eBook with a special convention discount code.








































Then in November I'll be tattooing at the La Paz tattoo convention in Bolivia, South America. As of right now (8/25) I may still have some time available during the show, so if you're interested in collecting a tattoo from me there, please get in touch for consideration.


































I must say thanks again to the nice people I tattooed at the recent Hell City Tattoo Festival, or who bought paintings and prints during my summer studio sale, where I was clearing room and raising funds for my move into a smaller studio space. The support truly means a lot to me, and I hope you great folks enjoy your new art and find inspiration in it. Of course, not everything in my back catalogue of completed works has sold, including a few from my two most recent painting series "Reclaiming" and "Apostasy" so please contact me if you're interested in owning any of these originals.





















Lastly, in another realm of life entirely, there have been a series of disturbing events taking place in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri involving police violence and heavy militarization to repress public outcry. This brings up many very sensitive and controversial subjects, highlighting some of the biggest problems in our present day society. The issues, like always, become complex upon closer examination, but regardless of where you stand on certain topics, there are now people hurt and in jail for attempting to stand up for the rights and safety of their fellow citizens. After hearing horror stories from friends of friends who were there and suffered injury at the hands of police, I was inspired to donate money to their legal defense fund. If you feel compelled to help out in some way after being touched by some of the issues this conflict has brought up, but can't be there in person, you can donate here like I did. You can also get some perspective on the events from the side that corporate media won't reveal by going here, here, here, and here.


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July 2014


Phew...I've been so busy with various projects and life changes lately that I havent made a news update in several months. Well, now that I've got a few things settled I have some fun things to announce and unveil.


The biggest thing on the list is the re-release of my instructional painting book Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil, as a digital eBook. I wrote a bunch of new content for this edition, and priced it lower than the sold-out hardcover edition, which means that you basically now get more, for less. For now I've partnered with the great people at 2 companies I endorse to make this eBook available. You can now buy a copy over at the Stay True Organics website, and soon, at the Tattoo Education website as well. All of the information on the book, including a great testimonial by a fellow tattooer/painter, can be found by clicking the new "PAINTING EBOOK" button to your left, or on the image below.




































The other big thing happening right now is moving out of my current studio space that I've had for the last 3 years, into a smaller but much better one. This means a month-long studio sale, where I'll be offering 20-30% discounts on any of my currently unsold paintings, in order to clear some space and lighten my load a bit. If you've enjoyed my paintings and fine art but haven't wanted to spring for the purchase, now is an amazing opportunity to collect some work from my last few painting series (2010-2013), as well as some much older pieces at even steeper discounts. All pieces for sale will be marked "Available," and conveniently organized by year and series, on my painting website www.nbaxter.com  Have a look and send an email if you're interested in something or have questions about pricing.




In the process of studio cleaning, I unearthed one of my older prints of the painting "Plastic" from a sold out edition of 18, and am offering it for sale. These prints have been long gone since 2008, except for this very last one. I'm pricing it at $200 plus shipping. If interested, send me an email. Also note, the original painting is still available, too!


























For the past few years I've had an ongoing project of getting my essay Evaluating Art: Principles of Critique translated into all the languages of the world, to help serve the learning of tattooers worldwide. I'm excited to add a Portugese version to the free downloads page, provided recently by my incredibly generous and kind colleague Lucas in Brazil. If that happens to be your native tongue, download the article here. If you have the time and desire to contribute an accurate translation in your native language not already included in the list, please get in touch. It's a great opportunity to encourage sharing and learning, and participate in the building of a stronger worldwide tattoo community.


Speaking of worldwide tattoo community, my good friend and colleague Ramiro Suarez, owner of Ganesha Tattoo in Medellin Colombia, asked me recently to put out a call for guest artists. He's hosted me before and helped with bookings, and is always looking to bring international talent to his region, to help the scene grow there. I had a great time when he last hosted me, and recommend South America for anyone looking for adventure and new experiences. Get in touch with him directly if you're interested.


That's all for now, until Hell City Tattoo Festival next month in Phoenix, and then some international conventions in the fall... More announcements in the coming months. Thanks for reading and supporting my work, I am forever grateful for the opportunity to do all of this.

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April 2014


This month marks the unveiling of my feature interview in Tattoo Artist Magazine Issue #37, with a recent painting of mine being one of two available cover images. I'm really proud of this interview, which was the result of a several-months-long collaboration between interviewer Ben Shaw, editor/CEO Crash, and I. It covers a lot of thorough ground about my life's journey and a wide range of topics important to me and central to my art and tattooing, along with several previously unpublished photos from my childhood and early adult years. Unfortunately for fans and clients, TAM has always been a trade publication available only to fellow tattooers, but I believe this policy might be changing soon. So if you're not a tattooer, check the TAM website for updates or contact them to inquire about it. Sometime in the future I will post the entire interview to this website, but for magazine sales purposes, for now it's only available through TAM.

































Also happening this month is the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio. I will be there as usual, tattooing all weekend alongside my friends Adrian Dominic and Jeff Ensminger. I'm already fully booked, but I have posters for sale as well as the usual free goodies like stickers and assorted reading material.



























If you own a smartphone, you can now enjoy a much better viewing experience of this very website, which was recently converted by my trusty website guys at TattooNow into a responsive site. This means that nickbaxter.com automatically loads a streamlined mobile version when opened on any phone with internet access. Check it out next time you're mobile internetting!



































And just in case you missed them, a few social media links were added to the site recently in the lower left corner, so you can navigate straight from any page here to my Instagram, Twitter, or fine art website. If you want to keep better tabs on what I've been up to, I've been posting sneak previews of my in-progress tattoos and paintings over on Instagram, while saving the finished gallery-quality photos for my actual websites.


Lastly, check out my previous few announcements via the "view more" link below, to get info on my limited edition tattoo machine by FK Irons and other projects in the works. Take care and enjoy the new growth and fresh air of springtime!


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March 2014


The brand new edition of Tattoo Culture Magazine has just been released, featuring an article I wrote interweaving themes of the tattooer's responsible role in society, environmentalism, and meditative inquiry. TCM is a unique tattoo magazine showcasing some of the best artists in the industry along with intelligent, thought provoking, and inspiring lifestyle content. The emphasis of this all-digital publication is quality, and I'm thrilled to have a regular writing gig to support this progressive effort. Get more info on the TCM website, and download it to your phone or tablet so you can read it anywhere, anytime you're bored.




For the past 5 years I've been using tattoo machines made by Fallen King Irons, with great results. Although I still use machines made by others, I like my FKI 1.5 coil machines enough to not only recommend them, but to participate in their Artist Signature Series of limited edition machines. My very own "lefty" model was just released this month, in a limited run of only 100 machines. I designed it around the concept of the Fallout Shelter, which you can read more about in the custom packaging. Designed with a clean yet rugged, minimalist aesthetic, this machine is meant to be a no-frills, reliable workhorse, and a reminder of the shelter we must seek within ourselves to maintain our creative passion despite all obstacles. If you order soon, included is a tshirt I designed, with some of the profits going to benefit www.rfc.org, in keeping with the theme. If you're a professional tattooer, you can order yours here.




The 9th International 2012-2013 ARC Salon Catalogue, which features one of my recent paintings depicting surgical subject matter, is now available. This is my second year in a row being chosen for inclusion in this worldwide competition of realism art, which showcases some of the most outstanding classical art techniques still flourishing today. You can buy the book here.



In December I was featured in Freshly Inked magazine. And they didn't even censor my small rant disavowing the false promise of the capitalist exchange economy, in favor of systems of mutual aid and barter whenever possible...kudos to them! You can actually read the full interview on their website.



Later this year will bring a digital re-release of my instructional oil painting book, originally published through Guy Aitchison's Proton Press in 2010. The hardcover first edition has now completely sold out, so this second edition will be an experiment in paperless ebook publishing, which will feature a section of all-new content and an even more affordable price, available from tattooeducation.com.







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December 2013


This month I am featured in the brand new issue of Freshly Inked magazine! And they didn't even censor my small rant disavowing the false promise of the capitalist exchange economy, in favor of systems of mutual aid and barter whenever possible...kudos to them! You can actually read the full interview on their website.






















The aluminum prints I wrote about last month have now all sold to good homes--thanks again to tall the nice collectors who bought them!


There are a few new tattoos posted in my skin gallery from the past month or so, with possibly a few more completed projects coming up soon...


And keep an eye out early next year for a digital re-release of my instructional oil painting book, originally published through Guy Aitchison's Proton Press in 2010. The hardcover first edition has now completely sold out, so this second edition will be an experiment in paperless ebook publishing, which will feature a section of all-new content and an even more affordable price, available from tattooeducation.com.































Happy holidays, and may you all enjoy peace, health, and success in the new year.

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November 2013


For the first time ever, I have extremely limited archival prints available on gorgeous brushed aluminum.  This was an experiment to create a unique and striking, ultramodern aesthetic that compliments the surgical subject matter and my photorealist painting style, and I’m thrilled with the results. Because printing on metal is much pricier than paper, and preparing the digital files is a little trickier, I started out with a very small edition size of only 2 copies each, at a higher price than previous prints I’ve made. Luckily though, these are still far below the price of the original paintings, and the 2 square images are at actual size of the paintings. Please email me through the "contact" button to inquire about availability.





















































































I have a bunch of tattoos featured in the brand new tattoo book Antennae of Inspiration: The Insect Art Project. It features an extensive and creative collection of entomology-based artwork from around the globe. It’s a full color, hardback, coffee-table style, 480-page beauty of a book that you can feel good about buying because Jinxi and OOS Books are committed to giving back to the art community. A percentage of all sales from the Inspiration Art Project Series of books is donated to classrooms in need through donorschoose.org










































And don't forget, if you live in the Northeast U.S., that I have paintings on display in two group shows through the rest of this year. You can get more details on those exhibitions in last month's update by clicking on the "view more" link at the bottom of this home page.


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October 2013


With much remorse I have had to cancel my appearance at this year's Evian Tattoo Convention in France, due to some health issues. My apologies to anyone who had signed up for my seminar or was hoping to stop by my booth and see me there. Hopefully next year's show will see my return...


On a positive note, I have some artwork in a few exhibits this fall, both in the Northeast.  If you live in that area of the U.S. check these shows out to see some amazing artwork.













































I'm honored to have 2 paintings on display through December at the John F. Peto Museum in New Jersey, as part of their national juried exhibition of "Trompe L'Oeil" art. I also have a brand new painting on display at Last Rites Gallery in NYC, as part of their annual "13th Hour" group exhibition, which opens October 26th.


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September 2013


Next weekend I will have a painting featured in a charity art show in the Los Angeles area, curated by friend and fellow artist Cody Raiza, who is a passionate animal rights advocate. If you're in the area, check it out and support a good cause!





































I've also recently been featured in the art and design journal Creative Quarterly, with a whole page of paintings from my recent series called Apostasy. You can order a copy through the journal's website, or you may be able to find a copy at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders bookstore, as it has fairly thorough national distribution.






































Also just released is the newest issue of Tattoo Culture Magazine, to which I am a regular contributor.  For this 3rd edition of the digital magazine I wrote an article investigating the importance of human communication, and how us tattooers can use certain tips and tricks to improve our interactions with our clients, and of course, everyone else in our lives.
















Coming up next month is a return trip to the Evian tattoo convention in France, where I will be teaching my painting seminar the day before the show opens, Thursday October 17th. This seminar explains my approach to realism oil painting, and is aimed at tattooers looking to improve their work through learning a second artistic medium. And fear not, lovely Europeans, it will be fully translated into French by my good friend who is fluently bilingual.  You can sign up and get all the information you need right here on the official convention website.



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July 2013


Not much happening this month, but I just posted a brand new sleeve to my skin gallery that I'm really excited about.



































I'm also really excited about the 2nd issue of Tattoo Culture Magazine being available from the iTunes store. I wrote an article about starting a meditation practice for stress relief and artistic insight, which is featured in the issue.  This digital format tattoo lifestyle magazine is packed full of great information and entertaining interviews with quality tattoo artists, and really sets the bar high for the level of quality that a tattoo magazine can achieve. Kudos to Crash, Kent, and all at TAM for their efforts.  Support them by buying a copy to read on your digital devices!
























My next event will be the Hell City convention in Phoenix, AZ at the end of August. At the moment it appears I'm fully booked with tattoo appointments, but feel free to stop by my booth early in the weekend and double check. And of course I'll have assorted merchandise for sale, and free stickers available.



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Summer 2013


Just back from a successful and exciting trip to Colombia, where I taught a tattooing seminar in Medellin, made possible by Ramiro at Ganesha Tattoo and of course all the awesome poeple who signed up and attended.  South America is an amazing place, I highly encourage any tattooers who'd like to travel and work down there to contact Ramiro and ask him about how to make it happen.
























Up next is another seminar, this time at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Boston, Massachussetts June 4-5. These intensive 2-day events are packed full of advanced information for the continuing education of tattooers, and in terms of potential long-term benefit to one's tattoo career and creativity, are quite a good investment of time and money. If you're not familiar with this groundbreaking educational effort, which is the brainchild of phenomenal tattooer Alex De Pase, check out the event details here.













After that, not much is in the works until the end of summer, when the next Hell City convention comes to Phoenix, AZ.  I'm fully booked with tattoo appointments already, but I'll have assorted merch like books and stickers available for sale and for free.





































In fine art news, my recent painting "Anointing" was chosen as a finalist for the upcoming International ARC Salon Catalogue, which you can now buy from the Art Renewal Center's website. This yearly competition and printed catalogue represents some of the best in realism art from around the world, and I'm flattered to be chosen for the 2nd straight year.


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April 2013


This spring is shaping up to be really busy. Paradise Artist Retreat was relaxing and amazing as usual. Thanks to all the cool people I got to hang out and paint with, or who took my seminar, or bought merch.  I now have only one of my "What Love Is" prints left...anyone interested? If so, send me an email.


This month I'll have a painting in the Last Rites Gallery 5th Anniversary show, and I'm honored to be included. I've held 2 solo exhibitions of my artwork there, and they've been really good to me each time.  If you're in the Northeast this month, be sure to stop by and check out their eclectic group show featuring quite an impressive roster of artists.




























After that is Hell City, one of the best tattoo conventions on the planet. Though I'm already booked for tattoo appointments, stop by the booth I'm sharing with my old friend Adrian Dominic and pick up some free stickers, or check out the other merch I'll have on hand, including my painting book.






































Then in early May I'm headed to South America to teach a tattooing seminar which will be translated into Spanish:


If you hadn't already heard, the 8 Arms Of Inspiration book is out now, and a portion of the profits from the newest Memento Publishing/OOS effort are being donated to charity. This book is huge and gorgeous, and features a few of my octopus tattoos from past years.


As always, thanks for looking, and stay tuned for more announcements soon. Enjoy the new growth and fresh air of Spring...

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March 2013


One of my favorite events of the year is just a few weeks away, the Paradise Artist Retreat.  This year’s installment will be in a gorgeous high desert setting outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the “land of enchantment.” If you’re a tattooer looking to push yourself artistically, or just interested in taking some art classes and relaxing in an inspiring, creative group environment for a days, check out the event website and get your passes. It is well worth the investment.














Also happening this month is a very interesting art exhibit in Chicago celebrating the anatomical art of Pauline Lariviere by pairing her works with those of several contemporary artists. I’m honored that 3 of my recent paintings depicting surgical scenes will be featured in the show. Sadly I wont be able to make it in person, but if you’re in that part of the U.S., be sure to check it out, as it’s only up for a limited time.






























A few submissions have recently arrived for my international translation project, How To Critique Art, and I can’t thank the generous people helping out with this nearly enough for their hard work and belief in the cause of free information and learning for the worldwide tattoo community.  Check out all the downloadable files here, the latest ones are in Norwegian and Danish!  Freedom of information for the information age! Spread the word!


As many of you may know, 2012 marked the beginning of my sister-site, www.nbaxter.com which focuses exclusively on my paintings and fine art musings.  At the start of this year, I added a newsletter feature to that site, so please head over there and sign up for occasional updates on what’s happening in my non-tattoo pursuits.


Speaking of fine art pursuits, I’ve recently produced a very limited set of 10 archival giclee prints of my popular 2011 painting titled “What Love Is”, which I am now selling through mail-order for $100 each plus $20 shipping (includes shipping tube). I’ve never yet done multiple editions of a print, in order to add collector’s value to the limited number produced, so get on these before they’re gone forever. Email me for more details, or to order one.
























Later in the spring I’ll be headed to Ohio for the Hell City Tattoo Festival, and then down to Medellin, Colombia to teach my Holistic Tattooing seminar on May 11th, with translation into Spanish by my good friend Ramiro. If you’re in South america and would like to register, please send him a message here.


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January 2013


Happy new year to everyone! May we all enjoy success in our continuing endeavors, and a progression in awareness, happiness, and health from an individual level to a global scale.


Just released this month is the 8th International 2011-12 ARC Salon Catalogue, where a painting of mine is featured on page 92! For more information on this, including how to order a copy of your own, see my recent blog post on my other website.


































Also new this month is a completed sleeve I just posted to the 'skin' gallery.


Looking ahead, the Paradise Artist Retreat is coming up in March, and I will be teaching a painting seminar there. If you'd like to attend, check out the event website for more info, and get ready to learn and be inspired!











Also coming up is the release of Tattoo Culture Magazine, which I wrote about in my last update.  Be sure to support this truly authentic tattoo lifestyle magazine, and check out my article in the debut edition.


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December 2012


December 2012


For all you tattoo fans and artists out there, I have great news from the folks at Tattoo Artist Magazine, where I've been a recent blog contributor. They're set to launch a new project (which I'll be contributing to also), and here's their description of what it entails:


"Tattoo Culture Magazine is a digital product available soon on iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, Android, and all smart phones and tablet devices, in addition to an online version available around the web and our soon-to-be-launched community website. Issue #1 is a whopping 250+pages and features the amazing work of Jeff Gogué, Mike Rubendall, Valerie Vargas, Freddy Negrete, Robert Ryan, an editorial on the musical act Lucero, along with numerous articles & columns contributed by dedicated tattoo artists (& friends)!


"Tattoo Culture Magazine is set to launch soon and we want YOUR help to make a difference. We are creating a project to represent the authentic voice of the tattoo industry, developed from the inside out by the true experts of the tattoo world, the tattooers! As such, TCM is inviting professional tattoo artists (along with friends and exceptional fans) from around the world to get involved. We need your voice!"


For more info on how to download or contribute, visit www.tattooculturemagazine.com



Well, it's that time of year again...when I start posting about consumerism and Buy Nothing Day. The Adbusters foundation, who started this anti-holiday, have summed it up beautifully:


"Until we challenge the entrenched values of capitalism–that the economy must always keep growing, that consumer wants must always be satisfied, that immediate gratification is imperative–we're not going to be able to fix the gigantic psycho-financial-eco crisis of our time."


"The collective journey towards a sane sustainable future begins on a deeply personal and individual level with a single, voluntary step": make a vow to yourself to stage your own Buy Nothing Day sometime--or many times!!--this year. November 23 ("Black Friday"), was the official Buy Nothing Day, but obviously we can begin to bring awareness to our unthinking or excessive and harmful consumption patterns at any time, on any day.  The recent tragedies and devastation caused by the "superstorm" Sandy have, in this way, reminded many of what's truly important. So if you're in the mood for giving this holiday season consider helping out the storm relief volunteers of the Occupy movement here, or support any other of the important causes of our country, like the activists trying to stop the construction of the risky, dirty oil pipeline called Keystone XL




Besides those announcements, there isn't too much going on at the moment--for once!  A few new tattoos have been posted to the skin gallery in recent weeks, but otherwise I'm just gearing up for next year, where I'll be teaching at a few events and tattooing at a few conventions both in the U.S. and abroad. One of my favorites comes up in March, the Paradise Artist Retreat.



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sept/oct 2012


September/October 2012


I recently returned from another amazing Paradise Tattoo Gathering (in Colorado this time), and now getting ready for the next up: Evian Tattoo Convention in France, later in October. As of now I am fully booked for tattoo appointments, but I'll have plenty of merchandise like fine art prints, painting books, stickers and postcards.



Attention: iPad users! I’ve been included in a project called Artbook Archive. This ever-expanding digital product is national in scope, featuring unique editions for several major U.S. cities, which showcase working fine artists in each locale. Essentially, it’s a digital “coffee table book of art.” I’m honored to be included in the Austin edition. You can download the app in the iTunes store, then make an “In-App Purchase” of Artbook Austin for $2, to see my paintings and artist profile on your fancy device.




























In non art-related news, regarding a cause that's very important to me: tomorrow is a national day of action against fracking, which if you don't know, is the method that irresponsible energy and oil corporations are using to extract natural gas from underneath our homes and lands. It is a toxic, carcinogenic, dangerous ordeal being whitewashed in the media by politicians and business as "clean, safe, affordable."  Maybe you've seen the recent TV commercials? These couldnt be farther from the truth: communities all over the U.S. are being polluted, wild animals are dying, and poeple are getting sick.  As public opinion turns against foreign oil dependence and foreign wars, this will become the next hot energy debate here at home.  Educate yourself at this attractive and clever website, and see if you are personally at risk.


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september 2012


September 2012


I recently returned from quite an epic adventure in Ecuador, where I worked at the 1st annual international tattoo convention there.  It was a great show, and I have to thank my awesome tattoo clients and my friends Karla, Alejandro, and Ramiro whose generous help and South American hospitality made my experience a good one.


Up next is the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Keystone, Colorado.  Due to some recent changes in plans, I'm leaving my tattoo schedule pretty loose for this one, and I may have time available for walk-ups at the show. Feel free to inquire if you see me there, and stop by the booth to pick up some brand new stickers and postcards.


In other tattoo-related news, I've made an extensive portfolio of my tattoos available for free to all Mac Ipad users, through blurb.com.  This download requires a blurb site account, but that is also free. You can access the tattoo portfolio ebook here.  The tattoos shown in this effort span the last 10 years of my career, and are presented in a classy gallery catalogue format, with thought-provoking quotes relating to the symbolism of certain works.


New to the website this month are two translations of the article Evaluating Art: The Principles of Critique co-authored by Teresa Sharpe and I last year.  There is still an open call for any international citizens of planet Earth who are English bilingual, to contribute a translation in your language of specialty. As thanks, I can offer various free merchandise, but this is a totally not-for-profit project in the spirit of education and sharing among all of the world's cultures and tattoo scenes.  Thanks to the generous people who provided the French and German translations now posted. If anyone reading this has tattoo artist friends who only speak either of those languages, let them know about this free resource!


On the topic of writing projects, check out the feature article I wrote for TAMBlog last month, if you missed it in my last site update.


On the fine arts side of things, I have two recent photographs included in a group show this month at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NYC, called "Wildlife in the Post-Natural Age."  This thoughtful and gorgeous collection of work, featuring several renowned contemporary artists (who I'm humbled to be showing alongside), was curated by my talented friend Cara DeAngelis, whose work you can check out here.  If you're in the Northeast and have any interest in ecology or environmentalism, this show is worth checking out.


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July 2012.2


July 2012


Hello everyone, this summer's been a busy one for me. For the past month I've been working on a "blog mini-series" project with Crash and John from Tattoo Artist Magazine.  This is an experiment utilizing the magazine's online outlet, TAMblog, to create dialogue throughout the tattoo industry, based on an in-depth motivational essay I recently wrote. This piece explains several strategies for self-improvement, based on my core beliefs and practices that have helped me become a successful tattooer and artist. Each day this week, a new part of the essay will be posted on the blog, culminating on Saturday with the conclusion and what we hope will be discussion or inspiration. Check out  Part 1 here, and check back to the TAMblog for the links to all the other parts.


The TAMblog is turning into a great resource, as Crash has been recruiting more people from our industry to participate with essays and interviews on a variety of topics.  They've been re-posting selected entries from my own fine art blog on occasion, and in addition to the "mini-series" I mentioned above, this month also features a very candid interview they conducted with me about the health concerns I deal with from being a tattooer. Many useful topics were covered in this interview, and I was very honest in my responses regarding various lifestyle changes and personal struggles I've gone through, as part of my ongoing health and fitness journey. Read it here.











Through August 4th is an amazing tattooers-only group art show called Second Skin, at Copro Gallery in California, curated by renowned dark pop-surrealist Chet Zar.  See my previous site update for the flyer. Many thanks to Chet for organizing that show and spearheading the entire effort.  The work submitted was an impressive display of the talent within our industry today, and I was honored to be included.


In other art news, I had a painting accepted into the 2011/2012 International Salon Catalogue, a juried publication of the Art Renewal Center, a group devoted to preserving the traditions of academic realism in the arts. I'm incredibly honored to be included with such an amazing group of realism artists from around the world.  You can buy copies of the book here.



Lastly for now, in about a week I'll be in Ecuador tattooing at their first ever international tattoo convention. For anyone in that part of the world, come say hello.  It looks like tattoo appointments are full for now, but I'll have my painting books for sale.

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july 2012.1


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June 2012


June 2012


Thanks to everyone who came out to my art opening at Last Rites Gallery on Memorial Day weekend in NYC, and a special thanks to those who bought paintings.  Your support is much appreciated.  I'll be posting all of the paintings to this site and my fine art site soon, but for now you can check them out here.


Next up for this month is a group show to benefit the kind people working to save wildlife in Africa from poaching and related horrors.  Naturally I’m stoked on this amazing cause and flattered to be included with a great group of artists.  All of the proceeds go towards the cause, so it's a win/win situation for all, if anyone buys a piece from any of the artists.













































I also just recieved notice that I'm a finalist for the 2012 ARC Salon Competition, with at least one painting from my newest series "Apostasy" being chosen for inclusion in this prestigious yearly catalogue.  The final judging happens soon, so here's hoping I win something in one of the categories!  For those who aren't familair this contest is run by the Art Renewal Center, a fine arts advocacy group devoted to promoting and maintaining the integrity of the representational and realist arts.  You can read all about their mission on their site, and if you too are baffled by what poses as "art" in the contemporary art world and museums nowadays, I highly recommend checking out their poignant analysis and supporting their efforts.












Lastly this month, there's been a few new tattoos added to the skin gallery--some recent projects have finally been finished, with one or two more on the way soon.  Stay tuned for some upcoming travel announcements and updates on some writing and educational projects I have underway. Enjoy the summer!

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may 2012


May 2012


Just home from another amazing trip to Australia. Many thanks to the people I tattooed, or who bought my book, to fellow tattooer and travel companion Melis, and our generous host Gregos.


Unfortunately, just returning from that trip with more preparation to do for my upcoming exhibition at Last Rites Gallery means no Hell City Tattoo Festival for me this year.  It's definitely one of the best conventions in the States, and this year's 10th anniversary features an inspiring project being put forth by my good friend Adrian Dominic.  








Adrian is seizing the popularity of Hell City and the generosity of the tattoo community to raise $20,000 for SmileTrain, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing reconstructive surgeries for children born with cleft palette facial deformities.  Support Adrian's noble and incredibly generous fundraiser by donating what you can, either at Hell City or through Paypal.  Read more info on how to do that here.


Lastly, as previously mentioned, I'm debuting a new series of paintings in a few weeks at Last Rites Gallery. If you're in the New England-area, stop by the opening reception on May 26th!

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april 2012


April 2012


Thanks once again to all the great people at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference this week in Chicago. I had a good time, and I'm sorry about the voice troubles!  I didn't feel 100% while taking the stage for my presentation, and managed to forget what I was saying once or twice during the talk while speaking with an increasingly hoarse voice.  It wasn't the easiest thing to do while suffering from some untimely sinus and throat problems, but the positive attitudes of everyone there helped me push through it before my voice completely gave out. I sincerely hope you all found some benefit and insight from it despite the minor difficulties!


At the end of this month I'll be in Melbourne, Australia for the amazing Rites Of Passage tattoo convention. I'll be selling my painting books there, but unfortuantely I'm already booked for tattoo appointments.  












This ambitious event, organized by Claire Reed, really comes from the heart and aims to be more than just tattoos and commerce.  Proceeds are donated to various charities, and through the entertainment at the event, a strong focus is placed on important issues such as environmentalism and indigenous rights.  Kudos once again to Claire and her team for thinking outside the tattoo industry box and connecting what we do to the importance of life as a whole.


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March 2012


March 2012


Just posted to the site this month is a new sleeve that I'm completely thrilled about. Check it out in the skin gallery. Coincidentally, this project segues nicely into a few other announcements for the month:


First on the list is my upcoming seminar in Chicago at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference hosted by Alex De Pase and TattooNow.  This is a traveling event aimed at continuing education for the tattoo community--the first one held in Rome last year was a tremedous success, with rave reviews of the material myself and the other teachers presented.  My presentation focuses on building the mindset and life-skills needed to form a complex "holistic approach" to your tattoo art, and the newly completed sleeve mentioned above will be among the examples broken down during my talk. I'll dig into the layering process used in crating the lifelike textures in the tattoo, and for those who've already seen me speak at other events, rest assured my presentation is continually evolving, and never the exact same thing twice.













Secondly, the client who now wears the aforementioned tattoo is an excellent freelance web designer who recently brought to life my new sister site www.nbaxter.com.  This website will focus solely on fine art painting side of my career, so that anyone not interested in tattoos can have a quick and easy way to view my other work.  However, this site features an art-focused blog which will be of benefit to all creative types including tattooers, so check back frequently for new and useful content!















The final bit of news this month is my upcoming trip to Melbourne, Australia for the amazing Rites Of Passage tattoo convention. I'll be selling my painting books there, but unfortuantely I'm already booked for tattoo appointments.  This ambitious event, organized by Claire Reed, really comes from the heart and aims to be more than just tattoos and commerce.  Proceeds are donated to various charities, and through the entertainment at the event, a strong focus is placed on important issues such as environmentalism and indigenous rights.  Kudos once again to Claire and her team for thinking outside the tattoo industry box and connecting what we do to the importance of life as a whole.


P.S.-- Coming later in the Spring will be a totally free, downloadable version of my how-to article on the critique of art, completely translated into French.  I'm hoping to spread this knowledge throughout the world tattoo community in order to help and inspire us all to continue our artistic growth, and towards that end, I'm currently looking for the generous help of some Spanish and other bilingual people to undertake translations into more languages. Please contact me if you're interested in helping this project grow!

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February 2012


February 2012


The Paradise Artist Retreat is now just 2 weeks away.  If you're a tattooer or artist, don't sleep on this amazing opportunity to enrich your skills in a vacation atmosphere.  I'll be running a few portfolio critique sessions, and teaching a seminar about the secrets of glazing and layering with oil paint.  So come study, learn and create art with us amidst the peacefulness of the New Mexico desert.  it should be a really unique experience, as last year's event proved--very different from the typical tattoo convention scene.  Buy your artist pass here.











This month I'm also a participant in a collaboraitve ArtFusion event hosted by Last Rites Gallery in NYC.  Though unfortunately I will not be at the event, I was one of several artists selected to contribute a drawing foundation for a painting through the mail. This will be completed at the event by a team of incredible artists, then auctioned for charity.  Get more info here.

































Around the new year I received a welcome package from my friends at the CrimethInc. Far East HQ in Oregon, containing a new batch of super limited edition bookmarks to promote the recent relaunch of this website. These were gorgeously hand-printed using an old-fashioned press, on thick archival cardstock, and feature my new logo and a backing of circular symbols representing the cultural memes that I and my artwork stand for.  This assemblage of symbols tells the story of my personal paradigm and the awareness I promote through my creation of visual images.  Reminiscent of Egyptian heiroglyphs and other symbolic ancient stone carvings, and created in homage to that primal human tradition of coomunication through sybmbols,  I call this the NB Metameme.  These weren't cheap to print, but they're not cost-effective enough to sell through mail-order, so unfortunately they'll only be available if you see me in person at an event, for a small donation while supplies last.


Also just released are the impressive art books Animal Ink and 2012: The End Is Here, both published by various friends of mine and featuring tattoos, artwork, and writing by yours truly.  Order each through their respective links above.

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december 2011


December 2011


Welcome to the all-new website design, just in time to start the new year!  I'm very excited to unveil the new look, and I hope you all find it eye-pleasing and easier to use than the former version.  Thanks to the people at TattooNow, of course, for the programming work to make it happen.


To coincide with the site re-deisgn, almost every part of the site has been updated with new content, and the old content has been cleaned up and improved wherever possible.  This means there's new articles in every part of the "thought" section, including fixes to broken links, an updated FAQ, and a new and improved version of my tattoo healing instructions and pain mangement tips.  


The "commodity" section now features an easy link to buy my oil-painting book, which is almost sold out of its deluxe hardcover first printing.  If you don't have one yet, and are into the collectibility of the limited deluxe run, make sure you get on that before they're gone forever!  


Lastly, there's one new tattoo up in the "skin" gallery, and the oldest tattoo images, posted way back when I was just a rookie at Darkside Tattoo, are now fully viewable again after being broken for some time.  So you can now take a trip down memory lane and see my tattooing evolution through these 10 long years much more clearly.
















And just another reminder about the upcoming  Paradise Artist Retreat in February.  If you're a tattooer or artist, this event is money well-spent, an amazing opportunity to enrich your skills in a vacation atmosphere.  I'll be running a few portfolio critique sessions, and teaching a seminar about the secrets of glazing and layering with oil paint.  So come study, learn and create art with us amidst the peacefulness of the New Mexico desert.  it should be a really unique experience, as last year's event proved--very different from the typical tattoo convention scene.  Get more info here.


Thank you all for your continued support, and for browsing the new site.  Stay tuned for more big announcements about events and art plans for 2012!

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nov. 2011



I owe a huge belated thank you to Alex DePase, his crew, and all the awesome attendees of the Worldwide Tattoo Conference last month in Rome.  It was a memorable trip, and the reception of the knowledge that i came to share was truly flattering and inspiring.

Now that I'm home again for a while, it's back to work on a few ongoing projects, and presenting my paintings as part of the East Austin Studio Tour which happens this weekend and next.  If you're in the Austin area and want to spend a day or two looking at the incredible variety of fine arts creativity happening in Austin's East Side, check out the event website for all the info you need. 

I'll be at my studio during both weekends of the E.A.S.T. tour, working on a new series of paintings I'll be exhibiting this spring at the amazing Last Rites Gallery in NYC, where just last month I participated in the 13th Hour exhibit.  Stay tuned for updates on my next exhibition in the coming months.











Another project in the works is a brand new version of this here website.  After over 10 years of the current design, it's time for an overhaul and re-launch, to coincide with the launch of my upcoming sister website, which will focus exclusively on my paintings and gallery happenings. Expect to see all of that, and perhaps a few gitches as the shift is made, by the end of the year.




This past year i had the honor of being one of the artists featured in a book about tattooing and the cultural phenomenon known as Straight Edge: a strict adherence ot a drug, alcohol, and intoxication-free lifestyle.  Although the focus of the book is very specific, it's a great collection of tattooers from around the world who all share the common bond of a drug-free lifestyle, and a rallying point for those in the tattoo community or elsewhere, who often feel alienated after choosing this against-the-grain path.  Get more info and order a copy here.




Next year is already shaping up to be really busy, and one of the highlights is the Paradise Artist Retreat in February.  If you're a tattooer, come study, learn and create art with us amidst the peacefulness of the New Mexico desert.  it should be a really unique experience, as last year's event proved--very different from the typical tattoo convention scene.  Get more info here.


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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

This year's Paradise Tattoo Gathering was another inspiration-filled weekend of art, learning, and gorgeous mountain views.  I'd like to give a special thank you to everyone who attended my Holistic Tattooing seminar, as I'm sure it wasn't easy to have your brain slammed with non-stop information, concepts, and theories for 3 hours.  I'll be giving this same talk again in one month, at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Rome, Italy, courtesy of Alex De Pase.  If you're in Europe, this will be a great opportunity to learn from some of the tattoo industry's best, all in one weekend.  Get more info here.

Thanks also to everyone who attended the Evaluating Art seminar I hosted along with Chris Dingwell and Teresa Sharpe at this year's Paradise Gathering.  Our goal is to inspire a sense of community and supportive comraderie among tattoo artists, in homage to the craftsman's guilds of yesteryear.  

Towards this end, I'm making available to all, free of charge, a 20-page booklet I wrote explaining the principles of how to evaluate art for artistic growth, as well as how to foster a positive critique environment with your peers and colleagues.  This text will almost certainly see further development sometime in the future, into something even more comprehensive. But in the anti-copyright, anarchist spirit of community and sharing, the current version is free to all who are willing to read and learn.  Thanks to Teresa Sharpe for invaluable help in writing it, and to my other friends who gave feedback and suggestions.  Download it here.

Have a good Autumn everybody, and stay tuned for some more art-related announcements in the coming months.

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sept 2011



This month I'll be attending the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Hancock, MA from the 15th-18th.  This event has quickly become one of the tattoo industry's best conventions, with its emphasis on art and education.  I'll be teaching 2 seminars that weekend, one about how to critique art on Friday, and one about my "holistic approach" to the tattooing process on Sunday.  The Holistic Approach is already sold out, but please join the amazing artist Teresa Sharpe and I on Friday for some great advice on how to evaluate yours and others' artwork, in order to keep progressing as an artist.  More seminar info can be found here.





Also this month is the 6th annual International Guild Of Realism juried exhibition, which I was fortunate enough to be selected for, from among hundreds of realism artists worldwide.  This prestigious  show opens on Sept. 30th at Sage Creek Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I'm incredibly honored to be included among some of the world's most mind-blowing realist painters.  You can find information on that here.





Last month featured the release of a book called "The Art of Sketch Theatre: Vol. 1," which I'm featured in with my contribution to the incredibly fun Sketch Theatre website.  You can buy the book and see the time-lapse video of me completing a drawing here.

I hope everyone has a great end of summer, and stay tuned for more announcements about the rest of my 2011 plans...

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aug 2011



Many thanks to all who checked out my solo exhibition "Reclaiming" at Nisus Gallery in Portland, OR this past month. The opening reception was a great night, and I appreciate all the feedback and reactions I received.  

The show is about to come down from the gallery walls, but is now posted in its entirety in my Canvas gallery, along with a brand new painting I completed after returning home from Oregon.

Also added is a 24-page artist statement explaining the themes, symbolism, and inspiration behind each piece from the Reclaiming series.  Because of its length, I posted it as a downloadable pdf file in my "Personal Writings" page, free to all. Just give it a few minutes to download, especially if you're on a slower internet connection.

More additions to the galleries this month:

-new graphite and collage piece entitled "Cataclysm" which features an essay explaining its theme, that you can read by clicking on the corresponding link in my "Personal Writings" page.  Or just click here.

-new sleeve that's been in the works for almost a year, featuring a biomech-influenced interpretation of "the comeback machine", an ode to everyone who's had to scrape themselves off the ground, dust themselves off, and try again in life.

And lastly, as always, i'll be at the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Phoenix, AZ this  year, from August 26th to 28th.  It looks like I'm booked up for tattoo appointments as of now, but as many of you know this is a fun convention to attend even if you're not getting tattooed...hopefully I'll see some of you there.

P.S.  I just finished devouring the newest offering from my favorite anarchist philosophers and agitators, the CrimethInc. collective, and as usual, my mind will not be the same, ever again.  Check it out here.

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july 2011



by Nick Baxter

July 7 – July 30, 2011


328 NW Broadway (at Flanders) #117Portland, OR 97209

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 7th, 2011 from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Gallery Hours: Saturdays from 12:00 – 5:00 pm and by appointment

Nisus Gallery is pleased to present Reclaiming, a show of all new works by Nick Baxter. This series of paintings illustrate the recovery of a physical and spiritual connection to the living world. This connection not only supports our existence, but comprises our very bodies and consciousness. Baxter’s technical style, which merges the classic trompe l’œil aesthetic with allegorical themes, lets viewers witness this process of reclamation.

With the occasion of an upcoming holiday celebrating this grand country of ours, here's a must-see video shedding light on some of the overlooked aspects of the "American Dream" and how our current way of life is affecting the planet.  May our celebrations and pride not be without awareness and understanding of what's really happening in the world today.


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MAY 1, 2011


The past few months I haven't had much to update, as I've spent most of my time hibernating in the studio, working feverishly on my latest series of paintings called  "Reclaiming."  With forays into new subject matter and larger sizes than I've ever painted at before, this new series will carry on the thematic evolution from my last large series of work, "Rebuilding," which itself was a continuation of themes from a prior series titled "Surfacing."  


I'm incredibly excited to unveil this new body of work in a few months--I feel it's my most fully realized and technically proficient work yet. This show of all new paintings will open on July 7th, as part of Portland Oregon's first Thursday art event, at Nisus Gallery.  More details on the work and the gallery opening will be posted soon.


I'd like to give a little shout to the traditional worker's holiday of May Day, celebrated every May 1st.  Once widely popular throughout the world, this holiday celebrating working class solidarity has declined in recognition, not surprisingly, alongside the rise of global corporate capitalism and decreased political awareness of the working class.


Lastly, if you're in the Austin, TX area and want to deepen your critique of the types of issues I regularly post about on my website, and which nearly ALL of my artwork is concerned with on some level, please join my friend Trevor and I as we host a screening of the new documentary END:CIV, which is based on the work of radical environmentalist Derrick Jensen. You can find event details here, and here is a synopsis of the film from its website:


"Endless economic growth has turned into a global economic crash. What will the next hundred years bring? 


Students of history know that all civilizations eventually come to an end. The ancient Mayans, the dynasties of China, and the mighty Roman Empire, as long-lived and powerful as they were, could not escape this inevitability. The same goes for the culture we call Western Civilization.


The causes underlying the collapse of civilizations can be traced to overuse of resources. As your eyes move across this screen, the world is reeling: economic chaos, peak oil, climate change, environmental degradation, and political turmoil. Every day, newspaper headlines re-hash stories of scandal, government corruption and betrayal of the public trust. We don’t have to make outraged demands for the end of the current global system — it seems to be coming apart on its own.


But acts of courage, compassion and altruism abound, even in the most damaged places. By documenting the resilience of the people hit hardest by war and repression, and the heroism of those coming forward to confront the crisis head-on, END:CIV illuminates a way out of this all-consuming madness and into a saner future."

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MARCH 2011


MARCH 2011

February was the month for finishing tattoo projects, apparently.  Without planning it that way, I finished a number of ongoing large tattoos last month, all of which are posted in the skin gallery.

Over the spring a few more will be forthcoming, but most of the next few months will be spent painting for an upcoming solo exhibition at Nisus Gallery in Portland, Oregon.


This show of all new paintings will open in early July, and has a current working title of "Reclaiming."  This new series will carry on the thematic evolution from my last large series of work, "Rebuilding," which itself was a continuation of themes from a prior series titled "Surfacing."  After the opening reception at Nisus, I'll be headed down to southern Oregon to take a painting workshop by Jeff Gogue at his studio. If you're interested in joining us, stay tuned for further details in the coming months.  I'll be posting specific times and dates in a future announcement here.








Speaking of "Rebuilding," I am down to the final 2 prints of the recent series of giclee prints I released.  Once these are gone, they won't be reprinted. There is one print of "Born From Pain" and one print of "Fever Dream" left. Email me for ordering info by using the contact button in the lower left corner.




















The last bit of news for this month is the release of a new educational DVD and website re-design by my longtime friend and artistic co-conspirator Adrian Dominic.  His new website is slick as hell, with creepy music and flash graphics, and is so perfectly "Adrian."  His DVD teaches the techniques and processes he uses to bring a tattoo design from conception to completion, incorporating digital media and Photoshop tutorials.  It's perfect for any beginning tattooer, or any tattooer curious about using their computer to maximize their tattoo art preparation. Visit www.adriandominic.com and buy the DVD here.






















Have a great spring everyone!


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Happy New Year everyone.  I'm just back from another amazing trip to the faraway land of Australia for two great conventions and a bunch of fun times with friends.  Thanks to Marco from Surf n Ink and Claire from Rites of Passage for all the help, and also huge thanks to Trace & Raph, Gregos, Mick Squires and all the nice people I met and tattooed, for the great hospitality.  If you haven't heard yet, parts of Australia have been destroyed by recent flooding and extreme weather, leaving many people dead, missing, or homeless.  I'm happy to say that the payment for one of my tattoos at Surf n Ink was donated to the relief efforts--the least I could do to give back to a country that's been so good to me during both my trips there.

I didn't have time to do a site update before I left, so I missed the chance to announce some things more specifically, but at least now I have some new tattoos to show the world. You can check them out in my 'skin' gallery.

Lately I've been trying out the brand new product line of True Tubes for many of my tattoos, and I gotta say, these disposable tubes are high quality--combining just about all of the best features of both plastic disposable and metal reusable tubes, into one convenient product that's still cheap enough to be disposable.  If you're a tattooer and curious to try them out, order some here.

The last bit of news for now is the availability of some extremely limited Giclee prints leftover from my trip.  I originally made 5 copies each of 5 paintings from my 2009 series "Rebuilding" which was featured at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. All but one of the originals have since sold to various fine art collectors, so I figured it was time to offer some one-time-only prints of my favorite pieces from the series.  One of the prints has since sold out, and only a few remain of the other 4 images I chose, so if you want to own a more affordable version of a piece from this series, act quickly before they're all gone, forever.  You can see what's available in the advertisement here, and can email me through the "contact" button to inquire about ordering one.  Of course, all of the images from the series are included in my new oil painting book, which you can order here.



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buy nothing day



Once only known as "Black Friday", the day after Thanksgiving every year is the busiest, craziest consumer shopping day of the year.  Recently, however, this infamous day synonymous with first world overconsumption, unsustainability and materialism devoid of soul, has spawned a counter-celebration called Buy Nothing Day.  You can learn all about it and get plugged into ongoing efforts here.  While especially appropriate on the biggest consumer day of the year, you don't need to wait for this one date, you can have your own buy nothing day (or days!) at any time... 

Otherwise, I hope all you fellow Americans reading this had a good Thanksgiving, focusing on the positive aspects of the holiday, such as enjoying a meal with those you care about, or any other ways you can re-appropriate the meaning of the day to fit your own values.  In the subversive spirit of my own rejection of the historical lies associated with this holiday, this year I'm posting a poetic interpretation of my painting "Little Brother", written by a Native friend of mine from the Cree tribe in North Dakota, which you can read here.  The painting was inspired by my time spent on their reservation this summer, and features a depiction of a gift they gave to me: a little leather pouch filled with sacred herbs meant to protect the recipient from harm in his or her life.  The title is a play on words, related to the famous quote "Big Brother is watching" from the George Orwell novel "1984"...a reminder that Little Brother is watching as well, waiting, plotting, surviving, protecting shreds of hope against all odds...

In art news this month, there are a few new pieces up.  One is a new painting, a self portrait I started while taking Shawn Barber's excellent portrait painting workshop at the Paradise Artist's Retreat this past September.  The other is a politically-themed promotional poster I made for the Rites Of Passage Festival I'll be attending in Melbourne, Australia, January 28-30 2011. The weekend prior I'll be tattooing at the 2nd annual Surf n Ink Convention in the Gold Coast region of Australia.  Unfortunately I'm already booked up for both shows, but I'll be teaching a seminar on advanced tattooing strategies at Surf n Ink, and selling my new painting books at both shows.

Speaking of the books, thanks to everyone who picked one up so far, I sincerely appreciate the support and the feedback I've gotten on it. I'f you don't know about the book yet, see my previous update, below this one, for more details and links to further info! Or, if you're not observing a personal Buy Nothing Day, just order one here.

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november 2010



Once again, a pile of announcements to make this month.  Most importantly, my new book is finally available online through Tattoo Education and Proton Press.  I spared no expense in producing this book, and I'm really excited and proud to be able to offer it to you all for help in your own artistic journeys, or simply for your personal art enjoyment.  Being a nerdy dude and a fairly conscious consumer, I'm always curious about the process behind the products I buy, so here's a summary of how it all came together:

As for the content, I spent months writing new material, compiling photos, and completely revamping all of the old material from my original oil-painting pamphlet.  After this process I collaborated with Guy Aitchison who lent great expertise in an extensive editing process that spanned another few months, to ensure that we had a quality and thorough product.  Next I opted to work with the talented designer responsible for the look of the always attractive CrimethInc. books.  Through collaborating with him we achieved a gorgeous, modern-yet-classy presentation featuring a clothbound hardcover with red foil stamping, and a dustjacket with a fittingly Trompe L'Oeil-inspired spot-gloss finish. Then we researched ethically sound printing options, settling on a press in Canada that's unionized and uses recycled paper.  This of course bumped up the production costs, which I elected to pay out of pocket. But, it is ultimately superior to and more sustainable than the typical route of cheap Asian mass-production, in countries like China who raise considerable human rights and environmental concerns; it feels good to offer a product more closely in line with my ethics, that attempts to be a little more Earth- and people-friendly.  And finally, to show my appreciation for all of you who are quick to buy a copy, I collaborated again with the Paul F. Maul Artists' Group on a limited edition bookmark that comes free with the first 200 orders.  These bookmarks were hand-printed on an antique printing press at the CrimethInc. Far East HQ in Salem, Oregon, and have that gorgeous fine art look and feel that only a handmade process could achieve. Check out the pictures below. Old-fashioned printing is really cool, and almost extinct!

I worked with Guy to settle on a final retail price that was as reasonable as possible, and considering all that went into this book, the $60 pricetag is a steal--especially when you consider that this first edition of 2000 copies will likely be the only one with all these fancy bells and whistles.  Check out this commercial for additional info, and buy a copy here.

During Halloween weekend I took a last-minute trip to Colombia to work the 1st ever convention held in the city of Medellin, which I didn't have time to announce beforehand on my website.  It was my first time in South America and it was an incredible experience in a fascinating place.  Many thanks to all the friendly people I met and tattooed, and to all who helped and hosted me.  Hopefully I'll get some of the tattoo pictures up on the site soon, so check back for a tattoo gallery update of those and other recently-finished work.

Lastly for this month, I'll be showing my fine art Nov. 13th-21st in the annual East Austin Studio Tour, so if you live in this area, look me up on that and come out to see some of my art in person! This open studios event is huge and one of my favorite things about living in Austin.  It's inspiring to see all the artists living and working here in town and I'm glad I can take part this year after making this city my home a few years ago.

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September 2010



My busy summer that was supposed to be a more relaxing Summer is almost over--one last trip up to Massachusetts to teach a realism oil painting seminar at the Paradise Artist's Retreat in the gorgeous mountains of my homeland, New England.  After that, it's time for a (hopefully) more relaxing fall season, as I have no more trips or travel appearances scheduled for the rest of the year, and await the unveiling of my new painting book available from Proton Press.























My recent trip to Phoenix for Hell City and the Wet Paint Project was a great time. The painting I worked on there is now complete, and you can see it in my painting gallery here.

This past winter I took a trip to the frigid land of (some of) my ancestors, Norway and had an inspiring art vacation with my friend and tattoo client PJ DeVilliers, who is an amazing illustrative artist and designer, and just an all around sincere and nice guy.  During that visit we completed 4 collaborative drawings which have been up for a while in my collaborative gallery.  PJ recently redesigned his website and did a very flattering feature on my art which you can view here, if you scroll down the page a bit.

Stay tuned for some newly completed tattoo projects I'll be posting soon, featuring not one but TWO full-color, complete coverage head tattoos.  Brutal!

My educational item for this update, in response to the salmonella egg recalls caused by the horrors of factory farming and the corporate-greed-controlled industrial food supply chain, is the great new "Locavore" food movement.  If we truly want to have access to healthy, safe, REAL food, we as a nation need to start eating local, eating food directly from our own gardens, farms, or local sustainable small farm operations.  This is not a dietary issue, it's a political issue--if we're bickering or obsessing over who eats what type of diet, we're missing the point, and the corporations breeding sickness and helping destroy the Earth ultimately still benefit.  The point is, no matter what you like to eat, to take your consumption into the living community around you and OUT of corporate and government-controlled hands.  Part of this new movement is the "Eat Local Challenge" held every year.  You can start to learn about all of this here and here.

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 AUGUST 2010

Wow--lots to talk about in this update. I should have updated last month but it's been such a busy summer!  I've been hard at work on a new painting book which will be out sometime in the fall, on Proton Press.  It's a complete overhaul and massive expansion on my older "Fundamentals of Realist Oil Painting" pamphlet, which for the time being is still available through the Tattoo Education site.  Speaking of that website, check out this hilarious infomercial, featuring Oscar-worthy performances from Guy Aitchison and other members of the tattoo community. Pure genius.

Just added to the website are a new graphite/collage piece for an upcoming book celebrating little-known holidays, a new painting (sort of...it's the cover image I painted for my upcoming book), and the start of a new rework tattoo project on the aforementioned Guy Aitchison, which I did during my most recent trek to the art compound known as hyperspace studios.  So while you're here have a look around the galleries.  A few more recently completed tattoo projects will be added soon as well.

At the end of this month you can find me in Phoenix, AZ at the always exciting Hell City Tattoo Fest.  I'll be splitting my time between tattooing and painting in a live event hosted by phenomenal artist Chris Dingwell.  So needless to say, my time is all booked up but as usual feel free to come hang out, say hi, and rage on the waterslide, which I hope to be frequenting.

In the midst of all the summer work I escaped for a week to the middle of nowhere, North Dakota to spend some time as a guest of my native Indian friend on his reservation.  During the trip I spent a perfect day out in the beautiful country trying my hand for the first time ever at some on-location, "plein air" painting.  Here is the result of that session, "Red Canoe"  which I gave to my gracious hosts.

I hate to end on a sad note, but reality needs to be faced, and that's okay.  As we sit here, comfortably numb in front of our computer screens, millions of gallons of toxic oil is STILL poisoning an entire ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico, from the negligence of sociopathic corporations whose policies control entire governments (newsflash: our own!), and thus, decide the fate of who lives and who dies in this world.  Please look into this tragedy and see what you can do to volunteer, donate, or boycott.  The health of our oceans and certainly the Gulf coast will likely never be the same after this.  Modern industrial civilization is poisoning our planet. Get informed, get active.  Tattoos are fun and all, but let's keep a healthy perspective on things.

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june 2010


 JUNE 2010

I hope everyone's enjoying the summer so far, yet also staying informed on the ongoing oil catastrophe in the Gulf Of Mexico, which is sure to wreak havoc on our natural world--you know, the place that makes it possible for all of us to be alive right now--for a long time. Please, make a donation to a helping charity if you can spare some  cash, or find out anything else you can do, including try to use less fossil fuels and less BP!

In brighter news, the Toronto NIX Convention is coming up, and will feature a benefit art auction for the Skate 4 Cancer charity.  Many tattooers were asked to paint a rock & roll themed skatedeck for the show, and I chose a tribute to one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time, the recently defunct straight edge band Have Heart, from Boston, MA.  This music has had a profound effect on my life with its positive message and energetic spirit, so I'm glad I got to pay tribute and support a good cause.  You can see the deck HERE, and look into bidding on it, or any of the others!

Please note:  I will not be attending the Toronto convention! I only painted a skatedeck for the art show!

Lastly, I've started working in earnest on the long-planned revamp and expansion of my instructional painting book.  The new version will be over twice as long, with twice as many instructional tips, techniques, and strategies, and about 5 times as many photos!  This hardcover book will likely be over 100 pages of intense instruction and full-color plates spanning a wide selection of my own paintings through the years.  Even if you've already bought my current pamphlet, you will benefit greatly from this new version.  It will be released through Guy Aitchison's Proton Press hopefully sometime in the fall.  Stay tuned for updates!


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 MAY 16th, 2010

The past month has been so incredibly busy for me that I didn't get a chance to update this before the opening of the Flesh To Canvas art show at Last Rites Gallery, which features a painting of mine. But, the show runs for about a month so if you're in that area you can still check it out.

Later This month I'll be in another NYC art show, a tribute to Monica Henk, a tattooer and artist tragically killed in a hit and run accident.  It was curated by Dan Henk and opens at Sacred Gallery on May 30th.














This coming weekend I'll be at the Hell City Tattoo Festival in Columbus, Ohio which is one of the best conventions in the world.  This year's event will feature the release of a book and DVD chronicling the awesome Innerstate live art event that Guy Aitchison hosted at last year's Hell City.  I was fortunate to be a part of this monumental group of tattoo artists and it should be a lot of fun getting to look back on my experience at the DVD screening this Friday night.  The weekend will also see the releases of the Pint Sized Paintings book that i am a part of, as well as the Tattoo Prodigies book...so needless to say this year's Hell City will be another amazing time.  So come see all this stuff, buy some awesome art books, and say hi. 
















Hopefully you are already aware of the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, which threatens the health of an entire ecosystem that both animals and humans depend on.  Once again, oil corporations and dependence on fossil fuels have damaged the Earth that keeps us alive.  Please, read about the disaster and what you can do to help.  Go HERE to see what you can do or who you can donate to.  Even something as simple as skipping out on going to a movie and donating that money instead will help in a small way!  Or, boycott BP if you feel that's appropriate.  Just do something!  Lacking the time to go down there personally, i recently gave a large donation (from the sales of my recent exhibition at Last Rites Gallery) to several organizations who are getting volunteers and resources together for the cleanup and wild animal rescue.

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april 2010


APRIL 2010

Hello people, just got back to the States from a trip to the first annual Tattoo Ink Explosion in Monchengladbach, Germany hosted by Andy's Body Electric.  It was a really good show and as usual on my travels, I met and tattooed some nice people, so thank you all for the support.  My booth was next to Mike Devries, who had an advance copy of his new book Tattoo Prodigies for me to check out, and it was very impressive.  Mike and his helpers did an amazing job with this huge, glossy coffee-table book which should now be available, so check it out.
















After Germany it was off to Norway for a little art vacation with my friend PJ, who is an awesome artist and who has an older sleeve from me.  You can check out a lot of his work on his site www.theshallowtree.com.  We spent  a lot of time checking out the amazing art museums of Oslo and then coming back to his apartment inspired to make some collaborative art.  Check out a progress preview of some of what we did below.  In the near future i hope to have a gallery on this website for all the collaborations I've done over the years, many of which have never been widely shown or shared with anyone. So stay tuned for that.
















Before my trip I finished a painting, now in my canvas gallery, for the upcoming Monica Memorial Show in NYC being hosted by Dan Henk.  It's a tribute show to his late wife who was tragically killed in a hit and run.  Stay tuned for more on that.














My next trip is to Hell City Columbus, in Ohio in late May.  I'm already booked for the event but as some of you ma already know it's pretty much the best convention running in the States right now, and worth checking out.  The vibe is always good and the quality of art and artists exceptional.

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MARCH 2010


 Lots of new content on the site this week: 2 new tattoos finished this year, 12 new paintings (including the entire 'Rebuilding' series from my Last Rites Gallery exhibition, and a new one), and a bunch of writing related to the motivations and symbolism behind the 'Rebuilding' series.  You can read that stuff here.

You can get all of this 'Rebuilding'-related content in the form of a 2010 calendar from www.tattooeducation.com, but not for long as I believe they are down to the last bunch out of the 500 printed.

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 Many thanks to all who came out to  my art opening at Last Rites Gallery earlier this month, and special thanks to everyone who bought a painting, as well as Paul Booth and co. at Last Rites.  This is just a reminder that the exhibit still hangs for the rest of the month so even if you missed the opening night festivities (featuring an awesome collaborative painting with the Last Rites tattoo crew) you can still stop by and see the art in person.  Some of the paintings are still unsold, so if you were interested in owning one make sure you stop by the gallery, call, or email them for details.  The gallery does a great job for the artists  they show and really work to sell the art they exhibit, so they deserve the support.

You can read a review of my exhibit on gallery director Andrew Michael Ford's blog here.

If an original painting is simply out of your pricerange and you're looking for a little collectible item, I have a limited number of 2010 calendars available which feature all the artwork from the show, combined with writings and quotes that delve deeper into the symbolism and motivations for each painting.  While supplies last, you can get those here.  But by all means, if you're in the area, stop by Last Rites Gallery and see the work, as it's always best to experience a piece of art in person.










Coming up in March is another trip to Germany for the Tattoo Ink Explosion convention near Dusseldorf.  Unfortunately I am already booked for the weekend.  But if you're a tattoo fan or collector you should definitely come out to this show, as it promises to be an amazing line up of artists.  Andy from Andy's Body Electric has done a great job organizing the event.

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Just sent to me this week from Last Rites Gallery is this latest flyer for my upcoming exhibition, which is apparently now being called a solo show.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows how I get while being made into the center of attention, so I guess this opening night reception just got a little more interesting.  If you're in the area come out and experience a bit of the awkwardness for yourself.  But really, all jokes aside, I'm looking forward to it and to seeing some of you there.

In other news, just released this month by some friends of mine at Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin, Texas is a giant art book called Coquille Or Be Killed!, which features black and white renderings by hundreds of tattoo artists, on the unique coquille paper surface.  I have a piece included in the book.  Find out more on the project and order a copy at www.coquilleorbekilled.com

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Hey everyone, just a reminder that my split show in NYC is coming up in 2 weeks, with the opening reception set for 7pm on Saturday, February 6th.  See www.lastritesgallery.com for more info.  Pre-show response to the series of new paintings I completed over the past year has been positive so far, with a few of the pieces already being sold.  Come to the opening and say hi, and see the work in person.  Afterwards, it will be posted to my website, along with extensive writings on the symbolism and themes, to help add a deeper dimension to the work for any who are curious.

Also, just added to my skin gallery are the tattoos I did on my recent trip to Australia.  Thanks to all the amazing and friendly people I met, hung out with, or stayed with over there. I had such an awesome time and hope to be back again in the not too distant future.


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January 2010





This month I'll be attending the Surf n Ink convention on the Gold Coast of Australia. Unfortunately, due to a recent wrist injury I'm still healing from, my tattooing may be limited. However, I'm looking forward to representing at the event and seeing some sights in a new country. If you're in that part of the world, or going to be at the convention, stop by my booth and say hello. I'll have some limited fine art prints and my instructional painting books available for sale.


In other news, earlier this month was an ebay auction for a great cause, hosted by Gaston at Fallen King Irons, which are some awesome tattoo machines I've been using for the past year. He raffled off a one of a kind tattoo machine to benefit the campaign to stop the aerial slaughter of wolves in Alaska, an absurd and criminally insane project championed by psychotic conservatives hellbent on domination of the natural world and all its beautiful lifeforms. Seriously, it's mind-blowingly cruel and unusual. Research it online here and educate yourself, and donate money to the legal fund set up to fight it, or check out the info on the auction page here.

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nick baxter december news update



Last week I recorded an interview with Pamela from Vegan World Radio, based out of Houston, TX.  I was interviewed along with Brian Wilson, owner of the infamous and fabulous all-vegan tattoo studio Scapegoat, in Portland, Oregon about the politics of veganism and being a tattooer with this lifestyle.   The interview will air tomorrow, Wednesday, December 16, from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. CST on Pacifica KPFT 90.1 FM, Houston, TX. You can stream it live at www.kpft.org.  You'll also be able to download the show from the KPFT archive as soon as the show finishes, so it's not a big deal if you don't catch it when it first airs.  It will also be uploaded to YouTube.

I also just finished up all the work for an upcoming gallery exhibition entitled "Rebuilding" which will debut at Last Rites Gallery in NYC, February 6th-28th 2010, as a two person show with Fred Harper.  This series of 11 paintings documents and explores an intense period of deconstruction, healing, and discovery that I underwent during the past two years, and I'm incredibly excited to show the result of this effort at such a respected gallery alongside an awesome artist.  Please come out to the opening night party on Feb 6th and check out my new work, all of which is for sale through the gallery, and will be posted to my website after the show opens. nick baxter, last rites gallery, art opening                        














In other news for this month, on December 4th an excellent feature on me and my art went up on the website www.jinxiboo.com.  It was written by the amazing tattoo art aficionado Jinxi, whom you can learn about on her website.  I'm honored and flattered to have a spot on there, because it's a great site with tons of useful and inspiring content. Do yourself a favor and check it out.  The interview is no longer on her front page but you can see it at this link: 
www.jinxiboo.com/blog/2009/12/4/jinxis-interview-with-tattoo-artist-nick-baxter.htmlnick baxter, jinxiboo, jinxi, tattoo artist interview










Thank you all for the continued support!! Have a great holidays and New Year.



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SEPTEMBER 1, 2008:

Hey everyone, I am slowly getting settled into my new surroundings in Austin, Texas, and filling up my fall tattoo schedule quickly. I've completed 2 new paintings this past month, and have posted them to the canvas gallery. I have new paintings showing in a few group shows this fall, including what looks to be an exciting show in Montreal, Canada at Yves LaRoche Gallery (www.yveslaroche.com). I will add more updates here when I get further info on the other shows I will be submitting art to. Just a reminder, as of right now i am completely booked up for the two conventions I am attending in late October: Evian, France and Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Massachussetts. I will be presenting an oil painting seminar with fellow tattooer and painter Dan Henk at the Paradise show, which will be much different than my solo painting seminar. It will feature actual painting by attendees, with one-on-one guidance and instruction from Dan and I. It should be a great learning opportunity for new or intermediate oil painters, so check it out if you're attending the show. Info is posted at http://www.tattoogathering.com/events.html

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Hey everybody, big news!

JUNE 2008: Hey everybody, big news! I am relocating very soon, leaving my lifelong home state of Connecticut in July for Austin, Texas. Although this may seem like very short notice to anyone who doesn't know me, all of my clients, friends and family have been informed of this change for a while now. For everyone else, including those who may have been hoping to get tattooed at some point, the policies and procedures regarding that will remain essentially the same--only my location is changing. I will still maintain a very selective workload, responding to the inquiries that inspire me the most, and reserving priority for existing clients with projects in progress. Guest spots and convention schedule will also remain the same. So please feel free to continue to email me through this site or through tattoonow.com, and check the FAQ page in my 'thought' section for the usual miscellaneous tattoo info. More details will be posted soon about where I'll be tattooing temporarily after I get to Austin, and then regarding a private studio I will be tattooing at with friend and fellow artist Jeff Ensminger, who is moving to Austin as well, from his current home in Dallas. Check out his work at www.jeffensminger.com, and get psyched. I know I am. So stay tuned for more info posted here or through my email newsletter. Again, everything should remain similar to how I do it now, except in Austin instead of in Connecticut. This is a completely amicable split with my current shop Transcend Tattoo, so I will still be recommending the awesome tattooers there to anyone in the CT or New England area, as well as doing guest spots there on occasion in order to keep up with my hometown clientele who can't see me in Texas. Thank you so much to all who have supported me over the years!! I hope this will turn out to be an exciting new chapter in my life and career, but I couldn't have gotten to this point without all the great people who like my art or who've gotten tattooed.

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New fine art print available!

Finally, my BRAND NEW FINE ART PRINT IS AVAILABLE! I just finished putting together all the materials for this print, 'zine, and poster package which you can see above. This is the culmination of a multimedia project began this past fall meant to combine the painting image with written material corresponding to its symbolism and the issues it addresses. The 'zine features an essay I wrote as well as an extensive collection of writings by a variety of people who responded to an invitation sent out in my website newsletter, and was hand assembled with individually stenciled covers by some of my close friends and I over the past month. Also included is a great poster on the topic designed by the masterminds at crimethInc.com. I spared no expense in producing the highest quality reproduction of this painting--flying to Dallas, Texas to personally oversee the printing process at one of the best fine art repro companies in the business. You can buy this print package from me in person at Transcend Tattoo, or mailorder one by sending an $80 money order (made out to me), to the shop address below. PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL FIRST TO MAKE SURE IT'S NOT SOLD OUT! And allow a few weeks for delivery. Transcend Tattoo 906 W. Main St. Branford CT 06405 USA. 203-481-9372 Another big improvement to the website this month. The 'Pixel' gallery has been overhauled to be a place for my occasional digital fine art projects, rather than logo and graphic design, which I have gotten away from in recent years. This is part of my continuing effort to keep the site not only up to date, but relevant to my current artistic tastes, projects, and aspirations. While I don't feel that all of the new Pixel gallery content is representative of my strongest or most compelling work, it's been a fun outlet for me to dabble in over the last several years and is something I hope to continue doing more of.

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Website update

FEBRUARY 2008: Another big improvement to the website this month. The 'Pixel' gallery has been overhauled to be a place for my occasional digital fine art projects, rather than logo and graphic design, which I have gotten away from in recent years. This is part of my continuing effort to keep the site not only up to date, but relevant to my current artistic tastes, projects, and aspirations. While I don't feel that all of the new Pixel gallery content is representative of my strongest or most compelling work, it's been a fun outlet for me to dabble in over the last several years and is something I hope to continue doing more of.

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9/20/05: My trip to Ireland and my guest spot at Triskele Tattoos were a great success and an incredible experience made possible by some generous and kind people. What a beautiful country! Many sincere thanks go out to Janine and Stu at the shop for all their accomodations and help, as well as to Candle Chris and Picnic Paul for making me feel at home and showing me around the gorgeous Northern Ireland countryside. Thanks as well to everyone else who got tattooed. A few of the tattoos from this trip are now up in my Skin gallery.

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Nick Baxter - June 2005

JUNE 2005: Lots of news! Firstly, I will be doing a tattoo guest spot overseas at a studio in Ireland called Triskele Tattoos, from Sept. 10th through 15th 2005. If you are from that part of the world and are interested in an appointment, please email me or contact the studio. Their website is www.triskeletattoos.com I have made a bunch of changes and updates to this site lately. There is now a frequently asked questions page you can access in the 'thought' section or via the ? in the lower left corner of every page. I have also included a new artist's statement about my work in the 'thought' section. Most importantly, there are new tattoos up in the 'skin' gallery as well as a completely new 'paper' gallery featuring a series of mixed media pieces I have been doing lately. This gallery will no longer feature tattoo drawings--it is now devoted to this new artform I've been experimenting with. The new studio that I tattoo at, Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery is now fully operational, and will be having its grand opening party and art show this summer on July 23rd. And lastly, I will be having some artwork in the upcoming Hope Gallery small works show, which should be an amazing display of artwork from around the tattoo industry and elsewhere. Check out www.hopegallerytattoo.com for more info. Another reminder: I now have a mailing list sign-up in the 'Community' section, for anyone who wants to receive occasional updates about new happenings involving my art and tattooing, including travel appearances. Thanks for the interest and enjoy.

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New Tattoos

MAY/JUNE 2005: A bunch of newly completed tattoos have just been added to the 'skin' gallery, including some long-running uncompleted work that I finally got a chance to finish. I have some other new stuff on the way, as well as a travel announcement, so stay tuned for more in the next two weeks...

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