september 2012

Tuesday August 28, 2012

September 2012


I recently returned from quite an epic adventure in Ecuador, where I worked at the 1st annual international tattoo convention there.  It was a great show, and I have to thank my awesome tattoo clients and my friends Karla, Alejandro, and Ramiro whose generous help and South American hospitality made my experience a good one.


Up next is the Paradise Tattoo Gathering in Keystone, Colorado.  Due to some recent changes in plans, I'm leaving my tattoo schedule pretty loose for this one, and I may have time available for walk-ups at the show. Feel free to inquire if you see me there, and stop by the booth to pick up some brand new stickers and postcards.


In other tattoo-related news, I've made an extensive portfolio of my tattoos available for free to all Mac Ipad users, through  This download requires a blurb site account, but that is also free. You can access the tattoo portfolio ebook here.  The tattoos shown in this effort span the last 10 years of my career, and are presented in a classy gallery catalogue format, with thought-provoking quotes relating to the symbolism of certain works.


New to the website this month are two translations of the article Evaluating Art: The Principles of Critique co-authored by Teresa Sharpe and I last year.  There is still an open call for any international citizens of planet Earth who are English bilingual, to contribute a translation in your language of specialty. As thanks, I can offer various free merchandise, but this is a totally not-for-profit project in the spirit of education and sharing among all of the world's cultures and tattoo scenes.  Thanks to the generous people who provided the French and German translations now posted. If anyone reading this has tattoo artist friends who only speak either of those languages, let them know about this free resource!


On the topic of writing projects, check out the feature article I wrote for TAMBlog last month, if you missed it in my last site update.


On the fine arts side of things, I have two recent photographs included in a group show this month at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NYC, called "Wildlife in the Post-Natural Age."  This thoughtful and gorgeous collection of work, featuring several renowned contemporary artists (who I'm humbled to be showing alongside), was curated by my talented friend Cara DeAngelis, whose work you can check out here.  If you're in the Northeast and have any interest in ecology or environmentalism, this show is worth checking out.