Tuesday September 20, 2011

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011

This year's Paradise Tattoo Gathering was another inspiration-filled weekend of art, learning, and gorgeous mountain views.  I'd like to give a special thank you to everyone who attended my Holistic Tattooing seminar, as I'm sure it wasn't easy to have your brain slammed with non-stop information, concepts, and theories for 3 hours.  I'll be giving this same talk again in one month, at the Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Rome, Italy, courtesy of Alex De Pase.  If you're in Europe, this will be a great opportunity to learn from some of the tattoo industry's best, all in one weekend.  Get more info here.

Thanks also to everyone who attended the Evaluating Art seminar I hosted along with Chris Dingwell and Teresa Sharpe at this year's Paradise Gathering.  Our goal is to inspire a sense of community and supportive comraderie among tattoo artists, in homage to the craftsman's guilds of yesteryear.  

Towards this end, I'm making available to all, free of charge, a 20-page booklet I wrote explaining the principles of how to evaluate art for artistic growth, as well as how to foster a positive critique environment with your peers and colleagues.  This text will almost certainly see further development sometime in the future, into something even more comprehensive. But in the anti-copyright, anarchist spirit of community and sharing, the current version is free to all who are willing to read and learn.  Thanks to Teresa Sharpe for invaluable help in writing it, and to my other friends who gave feedback and suggestions.  Download it here.

Have a good Autumn everybody, and stay tuned for some more art-related announcements in the coming months.