Thursday February 03, 2011


Happy New Year everyone.  I'm just back from another amazing trip to the faraway land of Australia for two great conventions and a bunch of fun times with friends.  Thanks to Marco from Surf n Ink and Claire from Rites of Passage for all the help, and also huge thanks to Trace & Raph, Gregos, Mick Squires and all the nice people I met and tattooed, for the great hospitality.  If you haven't heard yet, parts of Australia have been destroyed by recent flooding and extreme weather, leaving many people dead, missing, or homeless.  I'm happy to say that the payment for one of my tattoos at Surf n Ink was donated to the relief efforts--the least I could do to give back to a country that's been so good to me during both my trips there.

I didn't have time to do a site update before I left, so I missed the chance to announce some things more specifically, but at least now I have some new tattoos to show the world. You can check them out in my 'skin' gallery.

Lately I've been trying out the brand new product line of True Tubes for many of my tattoos, and I gotta say, these disposable tubes are high quality--combining just about all of the best features of both plastic disposable and metal reusable tubes, into one convenient product that's still cheap enough to be disposable.  If you're a tattooer and curious to try them out, order some here.

The last bit of news for now is the availability of some extremely limited Giclee prints leftover from my trip.  I originally made 5 copies each of 5 paintings from my 2009 series "Rebuilding" which was featured at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. All but one of the originals have since sold to various fine art collectors, so I figured it was time to offer some one-time-only prints of my favorite pieces from the series.  One of the prints has since sold out, and only a few remain of the other 4 images I chose, so if you want to own a more affordable version of a piece from this series, act quickly before they're all gone, forever.  You can see what's available in the advertisement here, and can email me through the "contact" button to inquire about ordering one.  Of course, all of the images from the series are included in my new oil painting book, which you can order here.