September 2010

Friday September 10, 2010


My busy summer that was supposed to be a more relaxing Summer is almost over--one last trip up to Massachusetts to teach a realism oil painting seminar at the Paradise Artist's Retreat in the gorgeous mountains of my homeland, New England.  After that, it's time for a (hopefully) more relaxing fall season, as I have no more trips or travel appearances scheduled for the rest of the year, and await the unveiling of my new painting book available from Proton Press.























My recent trip to Phoenix for Hell City and the Wet Paint Project was a great time. The painting I worked on there is now complete, and you can see it in my painting gallery here.

This past winter I took a trip to the frigid land of (some of) my ancestors, Norway and had an inspiring art vacation with my friend and tattoo client PJ DeVilliers, who is an amazing illustrative artist and designer, and just an all around sincere and nice guy.  During that visit we completed 4 collaborative drawings which have been up for a while in my collaborative gallery.  PJ recently redesigned his website and did a very flattering feature on my art which you can view here, if you scroll down the page a bit.

Stay tuned for some newly completed tattoo projects I'll be posting soon, featuring not one but TWO full-color, complete coverage head tattoos.  Brutal!

My educational item for this update, in response to the salmonella egg recalls caused by the horrors of factory farming and the corporate-greed-controlled industrial food supply chain, is the great new "Locavore" food movement.  If we truly want to have access to healthy, safe, REAL food, we as a nation need to start eating local, eating food directly from our own gardens, farms, or local sustainable small farm operations.  This is not a dietary issue, it's a political issue--if we're bickering or obsessing over who eats what type of diet, we're missing the point, and the corporations breeding sickness and helping destroy the Earth ultimately still benefit.  The point is, no matter what you like to eat, to take your consumption into the living community around you and OUT of corporate and government-controlled hands.  Part of this new movement is the "Eat Local Challenge" held every year.  You can start to learn about all of this here and here.