Monday August 02, 2010

 AUGUST 2010

Wow--lots to talk about in this update. I should have updated last month but it's been such a busy summer!  I've been hard at work on a new painting book which will be out sometime in the fall, on Proton Press.  It's a complete overhaul and massive expansion on my older "Fundamentals of Realist Oil Painting" pamphlet, which for the time being is still available through the Tattoo Education site.  Speaking of that website, check out this hilarious infomercial, featuring Oscar-worthy performances from Guy Aitchison and other members of the tattoo community. Pure genius.

Just added to the website are a new graphite/collage piece for an upcoming book celebrating little-known holidays, a new painting (sort's the cover image I painted for my upcoming book), and the start of a new rework tattoo project on the aforementioned Guy Aitchison, which I did during my most recent trek to the art compound known as hyperspace studios.  So while you're here have a look around the galleries.  A few more recently completed tattoo projects will be added soon as well.

At the end of this month you can find me in Phoenix, AZ at the always exciting Hell City Tattoo Fest.  I'll be splitting my time between tattooing and painting in a live event hosted by phenomenal artist Chris Dingwell.  So needless to say, my time is all booked up but as usual feel free to come hang out, say hi, and rage on the waterslide, which I hope to be frequenting.

In the midst of all the summer work I escaped for a week to the middle of nowhere, North Dakota to spend some time as a guest of my native Indian friend on his reservation.  During the trip I spent a perfect day out in the beautiful country trying my hand for the first time ever at some on-location, "plein air" painting.  Here is the result of that session, "Red Canoe"  which I gave to my gracious hosts.

I hate to end on a sad note, but reality needs to be faced, and that's okay.  As we sit here, comfortably numb in front of our computer screens, millions of gallons of toxic oil is STILL poisoning an entire ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico, from the negligence of sociopathic corporations whose policies control entire governments (newsflash: our own!), and thus, decide the fate of who lives and who dies in this world.  Please look into this tragedy and see what you can do to volunteer, donate, or boycott.  The health of our oceans and certainly the Gulf coast will likely never be the same after this.  Modern industrial civilization is poisoning our planet. Get informed, get active.  Tattoos are fun and all, but let's keep a healthy perspective on things.