june 2010

Thursday June 17, 2010

 JUNE 2010

I hope everyone's enjoying the summer so far, yet also staying informed on the ongoing oil catastrophe in the Gulf Of Mexico, which is sure to wreak havoc on our natural world--you know, the place that makes it possible for all of us to be alive right now--for a long time. Please, make a donation to a helping charity if you can spare some  cash, or find out anything else you can do, including try to use less fossil fuels and less BP!

In brighter news, the Toronto NIX Convention is coming up, and will feature a benefit art auction for the Skate 4 Cancer charity.  Many tattooers were asked to paint a rock & roll themed skatedeck for the show, and I chose a tribute to one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time, the recently defunct straight edge band Have Heart, from Boston, MA.  This music has had a profound effect on my life with its positive message and energetic spirit, so I'm glad I got to pay tribute and support a good cause.  You can see the deck HERE, and look into bidding on it, or any of the others!

Please note:  I will not be attending the Toronto convention! I only painted a skatedeck for the art show!

Lastly, I've started working in earnest on the long-planned revamp and expansion of my instructional painting book.  The new version will be over twice as long, with twice as many instructional tips, techniques, and strategies, and about 5 times as many photos!  This hardcover book will likely be over 100 pages of intense instruction and full-color plates spanning a wide selection of my own paintings through the years.  Even if you've already bought my current pamphlet, you will benefit greatly from this new version.  It will be released through Guy Aitchison's Proton Press hopefully sometime in the fall.  Stay tuned for updates!