april 2010

Thursday April 01, 2010

APRIL 2010

Hello people, just got back to the States from a trip to the first annual Tattoo Ink Explosion in Monchengladbach, Germany hosted by Andy's Body Electric.  It was a really good show and as usual on my travels, I met and tattooed some nice people, so thank you all for the support.  My booth was next to Mike Devries, who had an advance copy of his new book Tattoo Prodigies for me to check out, and it was very impressive.  Mike and his helpers did an amazing job with this huge, glossy coffee-table book which should now be available, so check it out.
















After Germany it was off to Norway for a little art vacation with my friend PJ, who is an awesome artist and who has an older sleeve from me.  You can check out a lot of his work on his site www.theshallowtree.com.  We spent  a lot of time checking out the amazing art museums of Oslo and then coming back to his apartment inspired to make some collaborative art.  Check out a progress preview of some of what we did below.  In the near future i hope to have a gallery on this website for all the collaborations I've done over the years, many of which have never been widely shown or shared with anyone. So stay tuned for that.
















Before my trip I finished a painting, now in my canvas gallery, for the upcoming Monica Memorial Show in NYC being hosted by Dan Henk.  It's a tribute show to his late wife who was tragically killed in a hit and run.  Stay tuned for more on that.














My next trip is to Hell City Columbus, in Ohio in late May.  I'm already booked for the event but as some of you ma already know it's pretty much the best convention running in the States right now, and worth checking out.  The vibe is always good and the quality of art and artists exceptional.