Thursday January 28, 2010

Just sent to me this week from Last Rites Gallery is this latest flyer for my upcoming exhibition, which is apparently now being called a solo show.  Anyone who knows me well enough knows how I get while being made into the center of attention, so I guess this opening night reception just got a little more interesting.  If you're in the area come out and experience a bit of the awkwardness for yourself.  But really, all jokes aside, I'm looking forward to it and to seeing some of you there.

In other news, just released this month by some friends of mine at Triple Crown Tattoo here in Austin, Texas is a giant art book called Coquille Or Be Killed!, which features black and white renderings by hundreds of tattoo artists, on the unique coquille paper surface.  I have a piece included in the book.  Find out more on the project and order a copy at