Nick Baxter - June 2005

JUNE 2005: Lots of news! Firstly, I will be doing a tattoo guest spot overseas at a studio in Ireland called Triskele Tattoos, from Sept. 10th through 15th 2005. If you are from that part of the world and are interested in an appointment, please email me or contact the studio. Their website is I have made a bunch of changes and updates to this site lately. There is now a frequently asked questions page you can access in the 'thought' section or via the ? in the lower left corner of every page. I have also included a new artist's statement about my work in the 'thought' section. Most importantly, there are new tattoos up in the 'skin' gallery as well as a completely new 'paper' gallery featuring a series of mixed media pieces I have been doing lately. This gallery will no longer feature tattoo drawings--it is now devoted to this new artform I've been experimenting with. The new studio that I tattoo at, Transcend Tattoo and Art Gallery is now fully operational, and will be having its grand opening party and art show this summer on July 23rd. And lastly, I will be having some artwork in the upcoming Hope Gallery small works show, which should be an amazing display of artwork from around the tattoo industry and elsewhere. Check out for more info. Another reminder: I now have a mailing list sign-up in the 'Community' section, for anyone who wants to receive occasional updates about new happenings involving my art and tattooing, including travel appearances. Thanks for the interest and enjoy.