January 2010

Thursday January 07, 2010




This month I'll be attending the Surf n Ink convention on the Gold Coast of Australia. Unfortunately, due to a recent wrist injury I'm still healing from, my tattooing may be limited. However, I'm looking forward to representing at the event and seeing some sights in a new country. If you're in that part of the world, or going to be at the convention, stop by my booth and say hello. I'll have some limited fine art prints and my instructional painting books available for sale.


In other news, earlier this month was an ebay auction for a great cause, hosted by Gaston at Fallen King Irons, which are some awesome tattoo machines I've been using for the past year. He raffled off a one of a kind tattoo machine to benefit the campaign to stop the aerial slaughter of wolves in Alaska, an absurd and criminally insane project championed by psychotic conservatives hellbent on domination of the natural world and all its beautiful lifeforms. Seriously, it's mind-blowingly cruel and unusual. Research it online here and educate yourself, and donate money to the legal fund set up to fight it, or check out the info on the auction page here.