Hey everybody, big news!

Saturday June 14, 2008

JUNE 2008: Hey everybody, big news! I am relocating very soon, leaving my lifelong home state of Connecticut in July for Austin, Texas. Although this may seem like very short notice to anyone who doesn't know me, all of my clients, friends and family have been informed of this change for a while now. For everyone else, including those who may have been hoping to get tattooed at some point, the policies and procedures regarding that will remain essentially the same--only my location is changing. I will still maintain a very selective workload, responding to the inquiries that inspire me the most, and reserving priority for existing clients with projects in progress. Guest spots and convention schedule will also remain the same. So please feel free to continue to email me through this site or through tattoonow.com, and check the FAQ page in my 'thought' section for the usual miscellaneous tattoo info. More details will be posted soon about where I'll be tattooing temporarily after I get to Austin, and then regarding a private studio I will be tattooing at with friend and fellow artist Jeff Ensminger, who is moving to Austin as well, from his current home in Dallas. Check out his work at www.jeffensminger.com, and get psyched. I know I am. So stay tuned for more info posted here or through my email newsletter. Again, everything should remain similar to how I do it now, except in Austin instead of in Connecticut. This is a completely amicable split with my current shop Transcend Tattoo, so I will still be recommending the awesome tattooers there to anyone in the CT or New England area, as well as doing guest spots there on occasion in order to keep up with my hometown clientele who can't see me in Texas. Thank you so much to all who have supported me over the years!! I hope this will turn out to be an exciting new chapter in my life and career, but I couldn't have gotten to this point without all the great people who like my art or who've gotten tattooed.