New fine art print available!

Tuesday March 25, 2008

Finally, my BRAND NEW FINE ART PRINT IS AVAILABLE! I just finished putting together all the materials for this print, 'zine, and poster package which you can see above. This is the culmination of a multimedia project began this past fall meant to combine the painting image with written material corresponding to its symbolism and the issues it addresses. The 'zine features an essay I wrote as well as an extensive collection of writings by a variety of people who responded to an invitation sent out in my website newsletter, and was hand assembled with individually stenciled covers by some of my close friends and I over the past month. Also included is a great poster on the topic designed by the masterminds at I spared no expense in producing the highest quality reproduction of this painting--flying to Dallas, Texas to personally oversee the printing process at one of the best fine art repro companies in the business. You can buy this print package from me in person at Transcend Tattoo, or mailorder one by sending an $80 money order (made out to me), to the shop address below. PLEASE EMAIL OR CALL FIRST TO MAKE SURE IT'S NOT SOLD OUT! And allow a few weeks for delivery. Transcend Tattoo 906 W. Main St. Branford CT 06405 USA. 203-481-9372 Another big improvement to the website this month. The 'Pixel' gallery has been overhauled to be a place for my occasional digital fine art projects, rather than logo and graphic design, which I have gotten away from in recent years. This is part of my continuing effort to keep the site not only up to date, but relevant to my current artistic tastes, projects, and aspirations. While I don't feel that all of the new Pixel gallery content is representative of my strongest or most compelling work, it's been a fun outlet for me to dabble in over the last several years and is something I hope to continue doing more of.