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Bumps, bumps, everywhere!

Posted by Doug Nedzesky from IP: on 12/18/11
Pittsburgh, PA United States - website

I've had some slight problems in the past with tiny, itchy bumps surfacing weeks after the tattoo is fully healed. I've also experimented with different healing methods and aftercare to get rid of these but i'm completely stumped.
First, i thought it could have been shaving related; ingrown hairs, razor burn, etc. But if that was the case wouldn't it happen alot sooner? Another thought was the possibility of moisture being locked into the skin by ointment/lotion. So i'd let it air out for a half hour before putting anything on it, but still have the same problem, even using THIN layers, washing thoroughly between applications. This even happens to some tattoos that have been healed for a year, they come and go without reason (it seems). The only other possibility i can think of is the pigments. I have quite a few different brands in my skin and they all seem to have that same effect. Does anyone else have this problem? All the tattoos i've done, i've never had one person come back with this.

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RE:Bumps, bumps, everywhere!

Posted by Mystic from IP: on 12/23/11
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

Two things I can think of, one, you are having an allergic reaction, though only slight to the acrylic plastic that are still used in some brands of ink to disperse the pigment. (it's a lot cheaper then cosmetic dispersant! )
Two, and this is a wierd one as it happend to a friend I tattooed 15 years ago, and after a year or so he got tiny little lumps that itched in the black of his tattoo, they would come and go but were an ongoing problem (needless to say he blamed me) until his doctor noticed them and had him tested for Sarcoidosis, which he had and is now recieving treatment, the lumps have gone. Apparently these tiny little lumps that come up in the black are a symptom. I am not saying you have it but it may be a good idea to have it checked out.

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RE:Bumps, bumps, everywhere!

Posted by Doug Nedzesky from IP: on 12/25/11
Pittsburgh, PA United States - website

very interesting, thanks for the feedback i appreciate it. So do brands such as fusion and eternal carry these acrylics, or is it mainly the cheaper brand names? Lately, i've been small amounts of alcohol to dry these out and it seems to be working but they always come back. I'll have to check into getting them looked at by a doctor, thanks!

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Posted by Mystic from IP: on 12/30/11
Napier, Hawkes Bay New Zealand - website

any colour that dries to a waterproof film is acrylic plastic based.

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RE:Bumps, bumps, everywhere!

Posted by Rob from IP: on 01/31/12
Ft. Myers , Florida United States - website

Wow! awesome info. I had the same problem with a huge black and grey tattoo i received not too very long ago. Little super itchy bumps came up, but only where the tattoo protruded from my shirt sleeve. after a little bit it all started sort of, chaffing... i don't know how, or why, or what caused it... but it slowly started disappearing. It lasted for a good 3 months or so and now its down to just about nothing. didn't effect my tattoo either. Nice to know whats up with it. Thank you for the info guys!

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My two cents

Posted by Joshua from IP: on 04/18/14
Kingsford, MI United States - website

It has been my experience that bumps are usually caused by a reaction to zinc oxide which is found in medicated versions of A&D ointment. I haven't seen it in years. I became much more serious with customer counseling on aftercare products and the issue hasn't came up since.

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