About Nick Baxter

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Anarchism and Politics

Anarchism is a way of life based on the values of self-responsibility, mutual aid, cooperation, and non-heirarchical power structures. I've been drawn to these principles and concepts from a young age, and have tried to embody them whenever possible in my actions and ethics as an adult. Part of the tremendous excitement of realization in my teens was discovering the community and lineage of people who had given life to these concepts that had resonated within me for years, but which I couldn't yet articulate or put into effective action. Yet, implementing anarchist practices and ideals is always a struggle in this world, because it's currently based on the opposing ideologies of capitalism. This makes it all the more important for me to help spread these ideas through this website. If you're unfamiliar with the true meaning of anarchism, as opposed to the corporate media's negative portrayal, please introduce yourself to it with the F.A.Q. link. Other links will take you to extensive online reading libraries of both classic and contemporary writings.

Mental Health

This has long been an area of great interest for me, and is something that's profoundly influenced my art. I believe it's a necessity and an obligation to help spread information related to improving our mental health, so that we can all strive to live happier and more fulfilling lives. Featured here are introductory writings on several topics that have been important in my ongoing personal development and self-improvement, such as Choice Theory and meditation.


Through the years I've been offered the chance to share my thoughts in a variety of media outlets, including tattoo and lifestyle magazines, blogs, books, and websites. In many cases I have been interviewed by email, so most of the pieces here are in their original format, as I wrote them, before having been edited or shortened for publication. Please note that the opinions or thoughts expressed may only reflect a specific time period in my life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lots of information on how I do things can be found here. This includes my tattooing schedule, policies, and procedures, as well as products I endorse, how to buy my painting book or original artwork, and artwork reproduction rights.

Personal Writings

A selection of some of my own writing projects through the years. Topics and purposes are varied, and may overlap with other categories in this list. To enhance the viewing experience of my art, texts that explain the concepts and symbolism used in many of my painting and photography series can be found here.