Fred Harper & Nick Baxter


February 6th - February 27th, 2010


On Saturday, February 6th at 7pm, NYC's Last Rites Gallery will opened two solo exhibitions of new work from artists Fred Harper and Nick Baxter. For years Fred Harper has been a fanboy favorite for his artwork on such well known comic books as Conan, Doctor Strange and of course Spider-Man! At the same time, in an industry not all-together disconnected from the comic book world, Nick Baxter has become globally sought after by tattoo lovers of all kinds for his own unique brand of tattooing, employing fantastical imagery and a bright, almost neon-like color pallete. What many people do not know about these two incredibly talented artists, is that while the world has watched them sling ink on paper and skin over the past several years, the two have individually been devoting every free moment they have on painting. Harper's large, loose, darkly humorous depictions of female cyborgs and the like have a sickly sweet quality that both attack and embrace the viewer at the same time. Baxter, on the other hand, works on small surfaces in tight, intricate detail, made up of wet skin, gleaming blood and sharp metal objects throughout. Although there styles are vastly different, they share the same intense desire to show the fine art world what they can do when they're not rocking their respective industries.