I want to create images that inspire people to look beneath the superficial veneer of mundane reality, in order to appreciate the profound and often overlooked aspects of life and the world around us.  My work reflects an ongoing investigation into the nature of suffering, hope, and personal transformation, inspired by a sincere concern for the human condition and a deep appreciation of the natural world.


My paintings are sharp-focus still lifes, in which I merge a classical trompe l'œil aesthetic with allegorical themes involving modern subject matter—often surrealistically juxtaposed elements from Nature or visceral, bloody macro-scapes. Through this use of unsettling symbolism I hope to create a space in which emotional certainties waver, taste loses its bearings, and familiar assumptions of reality are manipulated.  The comforts of constructed knowledge or accepted belief systems, which we often take for granted, are questioned or subverted, and difficult questions—of what it means to be human, to have a unique consciousness inhabiting a vessel of flesh and blood—are posed to the more perceptive viewer.


Recently I’ve expanded this exploration by incorporating elements from the natural world and images of outer space, bridging the gap between the personal and the universal, between human life and all life.  With this approach I hope to ultimately communicate a reverence for our human experience, and promote a mindfulness regarding the consequences brought upon this world by our thoughts and actions.


My work is rooted in a strong sense of technicality and precision. My paintings employ a convincing sense of realism in order to lend a photographic credibility to the often-abstract concepts or impossible juxtapositions of subject matter.